Facebook held its first public Q&A session, led by founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Thursday. The session featured the most ‘liked’ questions, proposed by users, and were answered live in a community town hall setting. The question was originally spurred regarding the increase in photos people are sharing on the social network – and how that has impacted the running of the site. His answer took some by surprise.

He noted that moving forward, say in the next 5 years, users should expect to see more videos on the social network. In fact, he went as far as to say that in the coming years the struggle would not be having the infrastructure to support the increase in photo sharing users are doing, but to support more videos on profiles, as well as newsfeeds.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg also pointed out that while many are concerned with the “cool” factor that the social network carries, the real focus is creating a service that is functional and can help people. Right now, it would appear as though the Facebook CEO is willing to put the company’s entire focus on videos moving forward to build a better product overall.

Mark Zuckerberg explains the need of standalone Facebook Messenger app

Many have wondered what a video-focused Facebook would look like, as many have already complained about the fact that Facebook already clogs news feeds up with videos that pre-load. However, the company did add a setting feature which allowed individuals to change the auto-play settings in the news feed.

Ultimately, the need for a faster, and more impactful experience for users is the main component at play here. Facebook believes that this means more video in the coming years while users might disagree with that as it expands and develops. However, with social networks like Twitter expanding at the rate that they are, it is becoming challenging not to have a focus within the social networking niche.