Mozilla Firefox is celebrating its 10th birthday this weekend, but that doesn’t mean the company is taking the day off. Instead, the company is in the final stages of launching a brand-new browser this week – that is slated to go live, and be ready for download on Monday.

November 10th will be the date that the new browser becomes available for users to begin downloading, but the focus of this browser will be a little different than what users are currently used to. “Unique but familiar” is the way the company is framing it, and really, that is the best way to describe it.

The company has been employing some hashtags on Twitter to drive the excitement around the birthday, as well as the launch of the latest browser, but Mozilla has never struggled to keep their users. Generally speaking, the company has had a solid stake in the browsing business and compete well with Internet Explorer, Safari, and Chrome. The days of the Internet though have come a long way from the Netscape days, who has similarly seen itself turn 20 this year.

This latest installment of Mozilla Firefox will be intended for developers. The company said in a blog post that the company actually looked at the browser through an entirely new filter “to put developers’ interests first.” Some of the tools that will be built into this edition of Mozilla Firefox include WebIDE and the Firefox Tools Adapter, which make general computing and more easy for those who are trying to build apps online, or build various sites online.

Over the last several years, users have seen a switch in focus from browsers like Chrome, and now Firefox, who put the developer first, and make the tools necessary for them to develop the internet first. While few details are available still, it would appear as though the company is once again making a move to revolutionize the way people work online – and that will mean positive benefits for the company with their browser.

Right now though, the latest edition will be available for download on the 10th and that there shouldn’t be any delays in the launch process.