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Elon Musk with ex-Googler Greg Wyler to provide Internet via Satellites, Work-in-Progress reportedly


Elon Musk has been known for years for revolutionizing many of the things we take for granted today. For instance, he is revolutionized the automotive industry, as well as the aerospace industry respectively just in the last decade or so. Moreover, now, he is working to revolutionize something new.

Musk announced that he would be working in the future to make satellites capable of providing Internet access to a larger audience. The end goal, to provide Internet access across the entire globe and do it inexpensively as well as do it efficiently. Musk has begun working with a satellite-industry veteran Greg Wyler, who also is a former Google executive. Wyler is the founder of WorldVu Satellites Ltd., and they control a large collection of radio spectrum that could potentially be used.

The specifics of the project seem to be relatively tame at this point, but speculation is that roughly 700 satellites would be launched, and they would individually weigh less than 250 pounds. Right now, that is half the size of the smallest communications satellite that is currently in use. It would cost $1 billion and would be 10 times larger than any current fleet in space.

This though is a project that is very-much in motion and a work-in-progress. Google has been working on their Project Balloon, and Facebook has been working on their Internet.org project, both of which are ultimately working to tackle major methods for revolutionizing the current Internet service situation.

However, not all of this has been met with success. Wyler actually brought this project and concept to Google, and after just a year – abandoned the company to work with Elon Musk on the project. Sources close to the situation noted that Wyler took his ideas elsewhere because he wasn’t completely sold on Google’s ability to take on the manufacturing portion of the project – which will inevitably be a major component of making this possible.

This could completely change the way people interact with the Internet in the coming years as this has long been an area of hope and speculation to make wireless commuting more effective and widespread. And now, with companies and entrepreneurs getting in on the action, there certainly seems to be a lot of upside to projects like this.

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