Microsoft is reinvesting itself in the enterprise community once again as the company announced that they would be introducing a new product that would focus on businesses, and making business happen more efficiently via video chat. Currently, the company is looking to take the best of both Lync and Skype to create a video chat powerhouse to take completely over the enterprise video chat space.

In addition, Microsoft will bring on additional enterprise changes and salutations to users and businesses who operate on the Office 365 platform. That said, these updates are likely and expected to come at the same time, and are expected to change the way businesses completely interact with their enterprise Office with Microsoft. Lync Online is currently a part of Office 365, and the update that is coming is expected to be huge.

The changes are expected to do a few things that customers are expected to enjoy thoroughly. Some things like Lync taking on a Skype operational feel, and to integrate some of the great features Skype can bring to an already favorably reviewed product that is Lync. The new update will also bring some OneDrive features into the fold, which will be specific for businesses, and tailored to the evolving needs of businesses as more is expected through the cloud.

There will be both mobile, and web-based platforms that will operate well independently of each other, and also focus on bringing the valuable communication software to each respective service – while simultaneously tying the two together.

Microsoft noted that Skype has over 300 million monthly users, and that is something that the company wants to cash in on moving forward. The goal is to create a product that works for enterprise users who have in the last few years felt alienated by Microsoft – who previously was the ‘go-to’ for anything, and everything business.

This shift in focus though is one that has been felt throughout the company, as Microsoft has worked to rebrand everything from operating systems to hardware, to software like this. In the end, it will be very accommodating for the company to take care of the business needs of their customers – since they have historically been some of their best customers.

Source: Skype Blog