Microsoft announced on Tuesday that Office 365 business customers would have a clutter-free experience in their inboxes then. A filter called “Clutter” for Outlook Web App (OWA) will automatically move emails – that you are likely to ignore – into a separate folder named Clutter, using machine learning algorithms.

Initially, the new feature will be available in English locale for those users who have subscribed to the business edition of Office 365 and opted into Fire Release program. Other locales will be added in the coming weeks.

The Clutter is designed to de-clutter priority emails messages – much like priority inbox in Gmail — that arrive in your mailbox. The functionality is smart enough to recognize the emails that probably will be ignored. The filter uses machine learning algorithms — leveraging Office Graph — to learn from user‘s previous actions and moves “lower priority messages out of your [user’s] way.” Ultimately, less important emails are automatically moved into a new Clutter folder.

Moreover, you can also proactively train the filter, by marking messages as Clutter or manually moving objects into the folder. If a message is considered as “Clutter” erroneously, you can bring it back in inbox too. Clutter will not move more emails with similar contents that come from the same sender.

Clutter has to be activated in the settings of Outlook Web App. The filter does not affect the existing rules created to handle your emails. In addition, the emails in Clutter folder are not deleted automatically as it does not apply any clean-up action.

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The feature will be rolled out to Office 365 business customers this month, and a Microsoft spokesperson told Mashable that the company did not have plans to release Clutter to non-business users.

Here’s a video showing how Clutter works: