Google and YouTube probably heard about the fuss that Taylor Swift had raised over music streaming services, and how they are stealing money from artists and devaluing their songs, or as she put it – art. That though did not stop the tech giant from completing and now, going ‘live’ with a streaming service to rival Spotify, Pandora, and many others.

YouTube has had video streaming success like no other site on the web, and even their presence on mobile devices is untouched in the music video space. However, Google announced and launched a streaming service that would expand that beyond videos, and whether users were on the web, or on their smartphone give them access to songs, videos, and even music playlists, for $9.99 a month.

In a blog post the company said Wednesday, “You did not just watch ‘All About That Bass’ 200+ million times on YouTube. Your views helped put the song at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 for weeks.” The post went to say that YouTube has become “the ultimate place for artists and fans to connect.”

Youtube Music Key on Android

However, in looking at what the music streaming service itself will comprise of, it would appear as though the company is still not taking its focus away from music videos, even with an exclusive music streaming service and format. There will be a specific location on the mobile app, as well as on the computer, where individuals will be able to find their favorite music videos and their favorite songs. The streaming service will even allow users to find new playlists for certain moods, or situations – and even give users quick updates on music selection from channels that they are subscribed to, according to Google.

Another great update that this streaming service will bring is the ability to listen to entire albums on the streaming service. Previously, you would have to search each song title individually, and now in the coming days, the company says that the service will be holding entire discographies of artists.

The paid version of the app is currently in beta testing and will cost $9.99 after the promotional period ends – and just $7.99 during that promotional period. This service will also give users a subscription to Google Play Music, which has 30+ million songs already on it. It is clear that YouTube is making a play to compete with platforms like Spotify who currently own the music streaming market with fair dominance.