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Google gives cash boost to Turing award making prize $1 million


Google is regularly spending money on advancing the tech space as a whole where ever they can. As often as their actions are sometimes criticized, the company does make good in a lot of ways. Most recently, the company was noted for adding a significant amount of cash to the A.M. Turing Award to boost the payout to the winner up to $1 million.

The Turing Award is often referred to as the Nobel Prize of computer science, and now it will finally be getting a worthy payout, after Googles injection will cause a quadrupling of the total payout. The ultimate goal of the prize is to bring awareness, attention, and recognition to individuals who are doing ground-breaking work in their respective fields. This is just one instance of many, where money is being spent to boost the growth of individuals who otherwise would not have the opportunity to work on these types of projects.

Many have noted that if it were not for prizes like these individuals who otherwise could not afford to continue studying and doing the ground-breaking work that many of these individuals do – would be without options, and forced to do other work that doesn’t have as great of rewards to the technology community as a whole.

The emphasis of this award though is not on basic entry-level functions though when it comes to computing. This award is set out to focus on improving the broader and deeper tech space that includes the sciences as well. As Alexander L. Wolf, the president of the association who determines the recipient noted that “true pioneers” are the individuals that ultimately receive this award. “Fundamental contributors to the science and technology of computing,” is ultimately what’s at stake here for scientists.


Computing is ultimately what’s at the basis of everything we do. It’s the basis of the future, as well as the basis of the present. Stepping forward and investing in that future, as Google has with this award, is something that will go a long way to ensuring that the money continues to flow into these types of outlets.

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