Facebook is working on a site or social network, rather that could compete with LinkedIn, and bring a professional crowd to their site. According to reports, the function of the site would include housing a professional profile – that would be similar to a resume – that would exist entirely separate from user’s personal accounts and profiles.

Those close to the situation have said that a new site that would be geared towards professionals would function in the same ways that the ordinary social network functions, but will attack LinkedIn, Google, and Microsoft for gaining users professional business.

Much like Facebook allows users to connect and send messages through a chat system, the new “Facebook at Work,” will allegedly house similar functions for professionals, giving individuals a wider-range of potential colleagues to connect with. Facebook hasn’t remarked on the site officially yet, but many have suggested that the individuals who work for Facebook utilize such a platform for their use within the company.

That being said, implementing something like that on such a large scale would be something that would take a lot of time, and a lot of patience from users as many phases of testing would undoubtedly be necessary.

Right now, speculation is that Facebook is testing the platform, or network out with a select crowd of businesses and companies, including itself. However, a list, or specific names of companies have not yet been released. This would be an interesting move since many users are frequently trying to distance themselves from Facebook for the lack of professionalism as well as employers current use of the social network to get a better picture of what the person is like in their personal life.

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That being said though, the real question would be how willing users would be to provide so little distance between themselves and their professional profiles. While Facebook and LinkedIn are not connected in any way – a professional network that was connected to individual’s private, and personal Facebook profiles might not seem as appealing due to the potential implications of having their boss see their private profile.

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Facebook would definitely have the initial user base though to make something like this happen without much hesitation. The company has well over a billion users and converting those users probably would not be too difficult if the company put a product out that was competitive to LinkedIn.