Microsoft has shaken up the file storage industry after rebranding SkyDrive as OneDrive with its competitive pricing schemes for smartphones users. Now the company is offering 1TB cloud storage on OneDrive for Business at 799.00 INR/year to anyone who buys a Lumia smartphone.

If you purchase a Lumia phone sold by Nokia India Sales Pvt Ltd – a subsidiary of Microsoft Mobile Oy – in India from 16th Oct 2014 to 31st Dec 2014, you can claim the offer within 12 months of period since the day of phone activation.

Using OneDrive, one can backup all documents from PC, store music, movies and much more with 1 TB space on OneDrive and access anywhere – as OneDrive is available for all major mobile platforms – and Create, View, Edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint from any device with a browser. While Google and Apple charge 7,200.00 and 14,400.00 INR a year for 1TB of space alone, respectively, without the additional Office suite. Hence, Microsoft is nudging the latest salvo in the cloud price wars.

Microsoft is using OneDrive storage service as a carrot to attract more customers to buy Lumias.

Microsoft and Dropbox team up to provide Office apps within Dropbox app

FYI, Microsoft is still offering 15GB of free OneDrive cloud storage to new individuals who sign up for the service, but for the new Lumia customers in India, the 1TB OneDrive deal may be the best offer they can get.

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