Intel had originally been thinking 2015 for the release of their wearable smart bracelet, targeted at women, but now after an official launch – the device will see sales in December, for the holiday season this year. Intel worked with Opening Ceremony on the design of the wearable, which is targeted at women, who are looking for something that is less like a tech-heavy wearable device, and more along the lines of fashionable.

Since more companies have gotten involved in the wearable space, improving the look has definitely gotten to the top of the list in terms of addressing what customers want next. The smart bracelet, which is called MICA, and stands for My Intelligent Communication Accessory, is classified as being a feminine fashion accessory.

While it’s engineered by Intel, it actually looks like the device will share little physically with traditional products put together by the company. Ultimately, that is most likely the reasoning behind Opening Ceremony’s involvement.

The price point on the device is $495. The device has a 1.6-inch OLED display, and delivers notifications, as well as text and emails over a 3G network. Right now, AT&T appears to be the service provider bringing that network into use. It remains unknown whether the device will work on any other networks in the future.

As for when the device will go on sale, it appears as though December is the month Intel and Opening Ceremony are going for. Early in the month, the device will be exclusively sold at Opening Ceremony locations in New York and Los Angeles. However, select Barneys New York stores, as well as the Opening Ceremony website will be selling the high-fashion wearable come December.

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Many have attributed Intel’s late entrance into the computing sector, specifically with the wearable technology, to the fact that the company has a very small presence when it comes to hardware. Intel is much better known for their presence in the software technology space. This though, will be a very good move for the company, and give the company a really great opportunity to take advantage of a growing market – and get into the computing hardware space, without making too major of a stake.