Amazon has kicked off Black Friday promotions and slashes up to $40 on Kindle devices with a year subscription to Amazon Prime leading up to Black Friday. It’s a good deal because of the timing involved right now. Most Amazon Prime users are actually in the process of, or at the time of year when, they regularly will renew their subscription anyway. Given that, it means you’re basically getting $40 of free money to put toward any Kindle device you choose to purchase.

That creates a price range of roughly $49 and $199 for Amazon Kindles. The entry-level E-Reader will cost $49 and the top end Kindle Voyage, which was most-recently released cost $199. While e-readers are not particularly the most popular type of device on the market – this is great timing because for $49 it would make an incredibly inexpensive tech-related gift this holiday season.

Now, for users who have a subscription already the process is still very simple to get your hands on a severely discounted device. While you’re shopping on Amazon, simply purchase a 1-year gift subscription to Amazon Prime, and when the time comes to use it – which the individual making the purchase will be given a code – simply gift it to yourself when the current subscription runs out. It’s even a great Christmas gift for anyone who shops Amazon frequently, and with the success of Amazon Prime, that is something most people would easily be able to use.


Regardless of the timing though, Amazon, and the individuals who shop and watch the company frequently have repeatedly noted that this deal is as good as it gets. The deal is inclusive, and the prices are as competitive and low as they ever are.

Obviously, in the coming week this is a really good indication to keep an eye on Amazon as they’re getting into the savings sooner, rather than later and waiting. The truth is that customers will likely see TV’s, games, consoles, and pretty much any other electronic device get deeply discounted between now and Black Friday.


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