Twitter is moving to make embedding or sharing public tweets in a direct message easier. The social network updated their direct messaging system and in the process made communicating on the social network a lot easier. Now, those who are looking to share a tweet that was public simply has to add the link of the tweet to the direct message, and it will be embedded automatically. This is a move that impressed a lot of Twitter users and made many feel as though the social network was taking a step in the right direction in terms of broadening the scope of the platform.

For even simpler sharing, simply press the “Share via Direct Message” icon and the user will automatically have the tweet embedded into a message to be shared or messaged to whoever the user should choose. The update works on most platforms, as well. In fact, iOS, Android, and the Web versions of the social network have all been updated to reflect the changes in the messaging system – and to show the tweet being shared, instead of showing a URL – as would happen in the past.


Twitter is not done either. They are going to continue moving forward into evolving Twitter the same way the Facebook team has, and other social networks have worked to do. While Twitter has a massive appeal due to the simplicity of the platform – they will be adding their own, native video service that will embed videos the way Facebook does currently – to compete with platforms like YouTube and Vine.

The abstract of the change is that while they are not major changes – the changes are significant for the value they have. It proves that while many platforms are working to make sweeping changes that users notice – it shows that sometimes minor changes, and even tweaks along this line, work just as effectively to improve the product as a whole – and even deliver a better user experience. Understanding that messaging is a key part of the future for the site, they made the right move to introduce a more shareable feature that users can get behind.