On 1st April, many Windows Phone 8 users had a bit of confusion when they saw that the popular photo sharing app ‘Instagram’ was released for the Windows Store. The confusion was not because the app was released on the Windows Store, but because none of the users could actually download it!

Well, believe it or not, but all this appears to be an attempt to fool you on April Fools’ Day. So to get to the exact point, the Instagram app did go live on the store on March 31st, but the app was in its beta stage and users could not download it no matter how much they tried.


This was a very well planned attempt to fool consumers as there were no mistakes made from the developers who uploaded this app, even the app information and description was accurate and could fool even the best of users. But, let me tell you that the description also had a clue within it.

If you were in a hurry and did not pay attention to the description, then you must have missed the important part of the description which said

And Happy April 1st 2013!.

Apart from this specific line, everything was accurate and felt authentic. But there is another fact that indicates that the something was wrong here. The Instagram app was uploaded to the store on the 31st of March and went live on the 1st of April, none of these two dates really seem to be choices that would suit Instagram even if they really wanted to upload the app.

And if you are one of those consumers who have tried to download the app but got a message which said you cannot download it, then this is because the app was a private beta and hence no one could actually download and test it.

The part that really caught our attention was the line which said ‘Modern User Interface by Sarper Erel.’ Sarpel Erel is the designer who made the Instagram concept for Windows Phone 7 back in the year 2012. You can check out the app yourself if you want, go ahead and try to download it.

Updated : The false Instagram application has already been removed from the Windows Phone Store.


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