Google Maps 9.1 is all about information. At least, that’s what the update notes should say. On the surface, the update just looks like another “bug fixer.” However, upon further inspection the update actually does a lot more than fixing some pesky bugs. That being said, after the massive design overhaul that user’s saw with Google Maps 9.0, this again, would seem rather small. The features though are incredibly useful.

Google Maps 9.1 ensures that users can view more information about their destination. One touch of the pin that appears at the destination on the map will cue up things like local time, local weather and a short description of the destination – as well as letting you know how many stars the location you’re going to has, if it is a hotel, restaurant, or business like that.


The new updates key-in on travelers and heading into one of the biggest travel times of the year this is an important update for those users. Although it’s not entirely clear which devices have gotten the update first, or how many people have it right this moment – but the fact that it is coming, is something worth being excited about for many Google Maps fans. Add in voice commands through Google Now, amped up traffic information, which allows users to understand what the traffic is like near their destination and ultimately what you’re given is construction updates, road closures, and much more. If traffic updates aren’t important though, they can easily be hide and removed from the map entirely.

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Since the last update to Google Maps brought synchronization between OpenTable and Uber to the service, it’s unclear what additional services Google is working on bringing to Maps in the future. However, on the script end of the puzzle it would appear as though there might be a feature or two that just isn’t ‘live’ quite yet.

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The ability to include information about your hotel reservation is also apparently lurking in the build of the update. That would give users the ability to see what hotel rooms were available at any particular hotel as it pertains to their check-in and check-out dates.


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