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Mysterious death of 500 innocent Sea Lions on North Peruvian Coast, farmers to blame


In one of the more gruesome sounding things one could possibly see, or hear in the news, the discovery of 500 dead sea lions on one beach in the northern portions of Peru prompted an investigation into what might have caused their death. The site of the scene was roughly 250 miles north of Lima, officials have said and was located in the Santa province. Both adult and juvenile sea lions were found at the scene in what looked more like a mass-grave than anything else.

The reason for the investigation though might have more to do with the fact that one local governor complained that marine farmers and fishermen were to blame, as they were harvesting shellfish. In fact, some believe that these animals might have been intentionally poisoned. When sea lions eat, they typically will come closer to the shore and look for scallops and seafood to eat that is typically harvested by these marine farmers and fishermen.

Further to the north of Peru another 187 bodies of sea lions were found, which was in the middle of the Piura region, as well as a handful of dead dolphins, corpses of sea turtles, and even dozens of pelicans. Wildlife officials haven’t announced their findings yet, as it pertains to that particular incident, but now it seems as though either something relatively severe in the disease-spectrum is impacting the animals that needs to be addressed, or a serious amount of foul play is at work here.

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City workers in the case in Peru were forced to remove the corpses as they pose a serious health risk to the general public – as they lie their rotting. The notion that foul play could be at hand here is something that few people want to acknowledge, but wildlife activists have noted would be entirely possible. This would not be the first incident of marine farmers or fishermen taking extreme measures to further their harvest, or improve their harvest.

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However, the findings will likely not be announced for some time as it will take a great amount of time to understand what happened, why it happened, and what their next step would be.


  1. Libelous Headline – knowingly making a false statement that farmers are responsible for criminal acts. The report itself unequivocally states that no one, official or otherwise, knows what cause this or the previous deaths. I sincerely hope these farmers become aware of this report and file suit.


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