European lawmakers are eying breaking up one of the largest and most definable companies of the digital age, and as each day passes it looks more, and more like a winnable situation for them. They have in effect, waged war on Google, working to urge the company to split the search business from the rest of the companies ventures.

The move ultimately is one that has been a long-time coming to some who feel Google’s presence is simply too great for the rest of the tech world, especially in Europe where lawmakers have said that Google’s presence had crushed down, or tamped out the ability for smaller companies to continue winning in various parts of the market. Specifically, lawmakers are citing a 90% market share with regards to Google’s search engine dominance, which has caused much of this concern.

Even some of the policies that Google has executed, or maintained, pertaining to their methodology for arranging search results have been questioned. Specifically, lawmakers in Europe have repeatedly maintained that just as some tech companies, like Microsoft have said, that Google has wrongly skewed search results to ensure that their users continue using Google, as opposed to Bing, or other smaller methods.

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The draft that the European lawmakers are currently working with, according to the reports, use some very disparaging language that really dictates the ill-intent that Google seems to have in their view. That very document says that this would put an end to Google’s “illegal and discriminatory treatment,” and goes on to note that the ultimate goal is “to restore competition in the online marketplace.”

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In many ways, it’s become a war because the European Commission has even gone as far as noting that, even if this is not a sustainable option – meaning they are not able to push, urge, or force Google to split – since the company has already said that they are incredibly unhappy with the European push to do this – they are going to be working on other options. The European Commission is fighting a war that they believe they can win. It remains to be seen how long this process will take, but since the commission has already gone into deliberations on the matter, and are not wasting any time – this is clearly a priority – in addition to being a war.


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