Recently, there was a discussion about the problems of phone theft which included an Apple liaison. The discussion brought out a point which indicates that the next two generations of Apple devices have already been designed and that “they preceded Tim Cook.”

This information was definitely a part of the Apple secrets that should not have come out into the public, but now it has and we now know that the Apple’s legend is the man behind the plan.

It seems Steve Jobs still has not left Apple, even though we all know that he passed away on October 5th, 2011. Physically Steve might not be a part of Apple, but technically there is still a lot of work going inside the company which was designed and planned by the legend during his time in the company.

Coming back to the discussion with Apple, it was San Francisco’s district attorney George Gascón, who said that he was told the next two generations have already been designed and that “they preceded Tim Cook.” This information was given to him by Apple’s government liaison, Michael Foulkes. The information was given out during discussions with Apple regarding the growing problem of mobile phone theft.

Gascón did not seem to be very impressed by Michael Foulkes as he described his discussion with Foulkes as “very underwhelming,” saying that Foulkes did most of the talking.

“It was incredible. He would just go on and on, one subject to the next. It was hard to follow. It was almost like someone who’s been trained in the art of doing a lot of talking and saying nothing,” Gascón said.

Even though this discussion is important, it is the new piece of information that has caught our interest. If the information is true, then it means that Steve Jobs has played an important role in coming up with the next generation of Apple devices that will soon take on the products from Samsung, Sony and HTC etc.