Sony announced the Alpha 7 II last week in Japan, and today, made the camera official here in the United States. The move is one that was expected for some time, as the camera was set to make waves and really dominate the camera marketplace with the value that the camera would bring to the table.

The new camera while serving as an update to the previous 7 model, adds some really great features like, a body stabilization system, faster autofocus and significantly improved video support which will make the system far more reliable.

Many experts are honing in on the addition of the stabilization system as being a major improvement and something really worth talking about due to the fact that while the technology isn’t the newest, it’s pairing with a full-frame sensor is an absolute first. The camera will even work well with lenses that have stabilization features themselves.

The autofocus on the camera is said to be 30% faster than previous models and the fact that the camera will have the ability to focus at a rate of 5fps and lock focus and exposure in the process. The other great feature of this camera is that non-Sony camera lenses will also be functional with an adapter. The pricing of this camera is something else that is a rather intriguing point. While this camera is definitely an upgrade, the cost will not be any different than its predecessor. It would also be assumed that previous models would then experience a price cut, when this goes on sale.

However, the Sony Alpha 7 II will retail for $1,699 with just the body. Meaning, just the camera, and no additional lenses. The additional lenses will push the cost of the camera up to $1,999, and that will include a 28-70mm lens. This is definitely a high-level, or top-end camera for individuals who are just entering the camera space, or just looking for a recreational camera. However, there is good reason to buy this phone. The pairing of technology which was already mentioned is a really solid upgrade for users.

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As a whole, this camera is something that sets itself apart from the competition by pairing technology, and functionality better than any camera in its class, and with a 24-megapixel full-frame CMOS chip working as the cameras image sensor – it’s a can’t lose situation.


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