If rumors are to be believed, Microsoft will be announcing the Consumer Preview of Windows 10 in late January. According to The Verge, sources familiar with the company’s plan have reported that the software maker is planning an event to detail Windows 10 consumer features, followed by the availability of new preview build (consumer preview).

There’s no concrete information about the Windows event, but things seem a bit inline as Microsoft lately released a preview build 9879, which is the last build of the year. Now, the Redmond developers have shifted their focus to consumer features after showing a glimpse of Windows 10 for business.

“We’ll have something new to share with you early in 2015,” Microsoft said in a blog post. “This [build 9879] will be the last new build of the year for Windows Insiders, as we’ll be using the time over the holidays to continue making refinements both to the product and to our engineering system.”

Microsoft hopes 0% Windows Phone 8.x OS fragmentation; Windows 10 is the future

In the first chapter of Windows 10, Microsoft held an event in Sans Francisco and unveiled a technical preview of the next Windows for enterprises, developers, and early adopters. Windows 10 Technical Preview comes with the long-awaited notable changes such as revamped Start menu, windowed modern apps with title bar, improved snap mode, virtual desktop, task view, notifications (sort of) and more. Now, the second chapter in January will cover consumer audience. Microsoft is likely to showcase Continuum, Cortana, Internet Explorer 12, Action Center with notifications, and a new unified Windows Store.

Windows 10 has NT kernel 10.0, and Devs! do not worry about that

Windows 10 ecosystem shares one kernel and codebase that will be used to deliver tailored Windows experience from desktops to laptops, tablets to smartphones, IoTs as well as consoles. Ultimately, Microsoft sees Windows 10 ecosystem as first true multi-device platform.

The final chapter of Windows 10 will be done sometime in April 2015 at Build 2015 when Microsoft will release RTM version, following the official launch of the OS.


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