Lenovo has become one of Apple’s biggest challengers in the personal computer landscape. That being said, a few months ago Lenovo made news when they teamed up with Microsoft to make a video that would take a shot at Apple for their one-dimensional laptops. Once again, Lenovo was at it again this week on the heels of the launch and release of their latest laptop the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro.

In the video while demonstrating how the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro bends both ways, and can hold many different positions, and essentially function as a tablet – as well as a full-blown laptop – the demonstrator breaks an Apple MacBook Air, while attempting to show the same functionality. Cue up a fleeing associate, who isn’t actually an associate at all at the display, the entrance of the “real employee” as well as a security guard to really drive home the fear that the unsuspecting bystanders are undoubtedly feeling, and just over two-minutes later – the big reveal happens when they find out they’re a part of Lenovo’s next advertising campaign.

Samsung is already famous for such cheap promotions. In spite of such promotions, everyone knows what happened with their Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S5. Now, Lenovo is on footsteps of Samsung.


What’s in the computer though? The Yoga 3 Pro is powered by an Intel Core M-5Y70 CPU with a 1.1 GHz processor. Add in an impressive 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of hard drive space and what you’re left with is an impressive 2-in-1 when you consider the fact that it is both a laptop and a tablet. If that’s not enough, the Yoga Pro 3 also brings a 13.3-inch display, which is an equivalent to the Yoga Pro 2. Perhaps the most impressive physical feature of the device isn’t the screen or flexibility, but rather the Intel integrated HD 5300 card that gives the device some serious power when it comes to gaming.

The Yoga 3 Pro won’t falter under extreme use either, with the flexibility that the device has. It has a single-metal band design that basically acts like a strengthened metal watchband. The Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro is relatively expensive though compared to other similar devices. It’s even more expensive than the MacBook Air, which for an Apple product to win in the price category – really says something – when the company really doesn’t dabble in the low-end of anything in the tech space.

The Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro starts at $1,299 compared to the MacBook Air, which starts well-below the $1,000-mark. All-in-all this is a device that if you’re looking for functionality beyond a laptop, or something that can work as a tablet while you’re on the run – then this would be a better investment. But, if you’re looking for a laptop that focuses on functionality – then this is likely not the device for you.



  1. Why would you compare this to the MacBook air? This thing outclasses it handily, hence the increased price. It is comparable to the MacBook pro, and actually starts at a pricepoint 50 dollars higher than it– but it has twice the storage at 256gb… get your facts straight… the Air doesn’t even come close to the Yoga 3 Pro in almost any area except battery life… it sports a hilariously bad 1366×768 resolution compared to the yoga’s best-of-any notebook 3200×1800 QHD display– come on.

  2. “Recently, a promotional video has been aired to promote the sales of Yoga 3 Pro, while aiming the MacBook Air.” Man, aiming the MacBook air at what-I hope not a person!? Must be dangerous to be around these promo booths!

  3. Air can be challenged only by Surface 3, as it seems from specs. Apart from Apples poor service and buggy Yosemite, as a product, Makbook is still unparalleled. Thanks to Steve, RIP.

    • Fuck Steve Jobs he was a thief and cared nothing for the poor or needy. Apple is a company that survives by suing other companies it copies.

  4. The REAL story here is that the writer — Lynn Schindler — is an incompetent hack who can’t proof read. Why hasn’t this title been fixed yet? PUBILITY???
    Lenovo seeks cheap pubility for Yoga

    • Because they used to have regular macbooks that were inferior and cheaper than the Pros but as of late they only have the Pros and Air. By far the Mac family is superior to any windows computer or tablet.
      With all the Negetive campaigning against Apple, it has turned into a satire of sorts of Washington politics. lol
      A typical macbook or pro hardware and software will last a good 7 plus years, while a windows based computer will last 2-3 if you are lucky. After that time you will need to buy another computer to keep up with the time and the programs. I still have a Macbook from 2005 that I use daily, but also have a Macbook Retina Pro I use daily as well and I can say with accuracy that the macbook is still as fast as a new windows computer but not near as fast and functional as my Pro.

      Enjoy and buy Mac!

      • Your dead wrong Apple fan boy. Dos Apple pay people like you to help sell overpriced bullshit laptops? All I repeat all computers and laptops are built into obsolescence. This word obsolescence means they are all made to be replaced period. Idiots like you buy the iPhone 5 and will again bit the iPhone 5 S. Why will you do this? Because the iPhone 5 hit obsolescence and the upbeat 5 S is the upgrade the better and newest iPhone. You see people like you think your getting new and the S on your new iPhone simply means SUCKER that’s all. I’ve own every product Apple has ever released and as buyer I can tell out how it really is. Apple is made for the unintelligent those weak minded people who believe everything their told. The only mistake IBM made was not buying out Apple and shelving it. The world add a whole decided a long time ago Windows and Microsoft win! Then came iPhone and Android handed Apple their asses again. Take a hint fan boy Apple is for dummies! Pay Sony $500 for the same laptop Apple sold you for!$4000. Like I said the S stands for SUCKERS!

        • LMAO You go ahead and buy obsolescence and I will buy Apple. I Upgraded my iphone 3 for an iphone 5 and it is still running beautifully today. I may go get a 6 plus but when I feel liuke it not because my phone sucks like many of the Andriod users I hear from. Plus I am guessing you didnt read all my post. lol I still use my macbook I got in 2005 which I paid 2 grand for and got another refurbished for a grand and both work better than a new windows computer.
          So go out every year or two and spend 500 to 2000 on a windows computer while I, and other intelligent people buy an Apple product every 5 to 10 years but only because we want to, not because we have to.
          Or get a real job so you can afford Quality, and stop shopping at Walmart (which I percieve as the real problem in this world).
          Cheers and I am not quite sure you know what year it is referencing iphone 5 and 5s. heheheh

          • Hey Apple boy the numbers speak louder than you. The world uses Microsoft and the ID C just released that 86% of the world chooses Android and only 13% choose Apple. What I just learned is your one of the 13% of the dummies who believe in a company and products that are now obsolescent.

          • Well Microgirl, I am sure you are a faithful person and a Republican by the way you are so adimant against Apple. And the reason why most people use Microsft is because they are stupid and poor. Go ahead and do a survey of the microsoft users. I am willing to wager that almost half would buy a Macbook pro if they had the money to do so but can not afford it. So get off your high horse and look at the facts of Reality.

  5. I can get 16GB of RAM in a 13″ Apple. Before Lenovo attacks Apple, and before we use terms such as “impressive 8GB of RAM”, might want to do more homework. The model that carries 16GB may be thicker, but Apple is one of the brands that makes such a notebook.
    While I am not a fan, I should note that Apple makes their own Operating System, and I have yet to see Lenovo write one comparable.

  6. Truth is, Lenovo Yoga is quantitatively better then any Mac in just about every way. Mac was late with the bigger phone and now they are again behind on the laptop

    • You are acting like the Air is new. Its been out for years and years. It’s still the preferred laptop for those in the know. Look at the sales figures for apple laptops versus PC laptops in the US. Outside? Who knows. There’s a lot of 100 cheap laptops out there in asia.

      • Sales figures for pc laptops out number Mac laptops multiple times over, and over and over. Heck there are more laptops with just crappy windows 8 than all of Mac computers combined. The comparison isn’t even remotely close. People talk about how bad the window phone sells yet they out sell mac laptops. A more factual response would read “the worst selling OS on the planet is MacOS and mostly because it does nothing.”

  7. anyone remember mac vs. pc ad in those days from the same company that the author is so gushing about. isn’t that cheap publicity. omg, these iphone fanbois never stop at anything. you know the difference between an apple fanboi and a republican….nothing.

  8. Why continue the charade? SIMPLY PUT…Sales figures for pc laptops out number Mac laptops multiple times over, and over and over. Heck there are more laptops with just crappy windows 8 than all of Mac computers combined. The comparison isn’t even remotely close. People call windows phone a failure yet even they will out sell mac laptops. A more factual response would read “the worst selling OS on the planet is still the MacOS because beyond great hardware the OS itself is antiquated, hyped up, expensive junk that does nothing.”


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