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Inflation Stimulus Checks 2022: What states are still sending checks? – Marca English

These states are still handing out stimulus checks to residents
This year has produced a level of inflation that was unseen in the United States for over 40 years. Everything from the price of gas, to food to rent prices have increased drastically following the coronavirus lockdowns and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
As residents continue to feel the pinch, several states in the US have introduced to measures to help those affected by inflation by providing some form of financial relief.
Unlike the stimulus payments doled out during the pandemic, the stimulus checks being handed out now to ease the burden of inflation are being given out by the state. That means, therefore that not all states are issuing a stimulus payment.
However, the if you’re a resident in one of the following states you could be entitled to some form of a payment.
Residents in California could get up to 1,050 dollars in stimulus payments with households with an income of less than 150,000 dollars receiving the full amount of 1,050 dollar,s.
Those earning less than 200,000 dollars (400,000 dollars for couples) are entitled to receive 50 dollars each. Each dependent is also eligible for a 100 dollar payment, with a maximum cap of 400 dollars per household
Those earning between 38,000 dollars and 100,000 dollars are entitled to receive a payment of 250 dollars. Married couples will receive 500 dollars if they earn less than 150,000 dollars combined.
The State of New Jersey has agreed to send 500 dollar checks to married couples earning less than 150,000 dollars or to individuals who earn less than 75,000 dollars.
The other states currently offering inflation-based stimulus payments are:
Other states considering such payments are:
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