Sony has been working on a new smartwatch. The company has a nice stake in the smartphone space and does a good hardware business as a whole, but until recently appeared to be out of the smartwatch, and wearable space entirely. Until recently though, no one knew that the FES watch, which has been garnering a lot of attention from the crowdsourcing world – was actually a subdivision of Sony – even though its website describes itself as a “Startup project.” The “startup” collected donations from the public from a site called Makuake – which is a Japanese crowdfunding platform.

The project had raised 3.5 million yen from just over 150 supporters while the company’s original target was just 2 million yen. Speaking in comparison, which translates to roughly $30,000. Those who have made a donation have been guaranteed a watch by the second half of 2015. However, its design is modest, and the price is expected to be modest as well. The smartwatch won’t be anything like the Apple Watch or some of the other more advanced smartwatches on the market. There is no GPS system or heart-rate monitor.

The design is circled around E-paper, which is flexible material that is commonly seen in e-readers. For a comparison, think about the look, design, and feel of a Kindle e-reader. It looks like a prototype compared to other devices, due to its lack of development. However, the e-paper build is something that could be used in future pieces of technology thanks to the fact that it requires so little power and energy to function. Many have said that one charge with this particular smartwatch could last as long as 60 days, which would loosely translate to two months. Compared to other wearables, some that require charging as often as every day or two, this would be a significant improvement if the user wasn’t looking for really advanced features.

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Many have said that this might be the way to slowly gain a user base for wearables like this. In theory, this piece of technology could completely change the face of traditional technology as a whole – if it is successful. However, Sony’s reluctance to claim ownership of this device, in terms of development is something of a mystery.

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The company has been under intense scrutiny for a lawsuit that the company is being forced to settle on which alleged that the company misled their customers with PlayStation Vita advertising, as well as a hack at Sony Pictures – which actually forced the staff at Sony Pictures to use pen and paper – temporarily.


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