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Popular Tokens To Survive 2022 Crypto Crash – Binance Coin, Solana, and HachiFi – NewsWatch

Undoubtedly, the crypto market has been in a massive dip. As a result, the value of the crypto tokens worldwide has reduced massively. If you want to get out of the crypto crash with minimal losses, you’ll need to purchase the right coins. This piece will reveal popular tokens to survive the 2022 crypto crash – Binance Coin (BNB), Solana (SOL), and HachiFi (HACH).
Binance is one of the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms out there. On any given day, thousands of users buy and sell crypto assets on the platform. Binance coin is the cryptocurrency token that was issued by the platform and is used to settle transaction fees. Binance coin is traded with the symbol BNB and it’s currently one of the most valuable cryptocurrency tokens worldwide. While the value of the Binance Coin has crashed by a considerable amount, there’s still plenty of hope for the future.
Being linked to the Binance exchange platform, you can only expect that the value of this cryptocurrency will pick up after the bear market is over. Also, the value of the cryptocurrency is set to rise continuously because there are plans to burn different amounts of BNB tokens at different periods (every quarter). When Binance Coin was created, it initially ran on the Ethereum blockchain. However, the Binance coin has been able to develop its system. There’s a maximum supply of 200 million tokens on this platform. This means that users have to compete for a limited supply of crypto tokens.
Solana is one of the most popular crypto tokens in different parts of the world. This token was developed as a direct competitor to Ethereum and has been doing well in that regard. Launched in 2017, Solana became one of the most popular crypto tokens on the market in 2021. To date, Solana still has a strong presence in the crypto market and has continued to attract traders and investors from different parts of the world because of its unbeatable architecture. This cryptocurrency has been able to grow to the top because of its reputation as an efficient and fast cryptocurrency. SOL is the native token of this project and is used to pay transaction fees.
This cryptocurrency is similar to Ethereum because it has smart contract capability. As a result, it can support decentralised applications. Solana runs on a hybrid system that comprises a proof-of-stake and a proof-of-history consensus. The Proof-of-History is a unique algorithm that’s used to validate transactions. As a result, this platform can process 65,000 transactions per second. However, the charges on each transaction will be around $0.00025. Solana is an open-source blockchain that allows users to copy its code. Solana can also be used for minting and selling NFTs, building blockchain games, and developing DeFi platforms.
HachiFi is a cryptocurrency coined by the words, Hachi and DeFi. HachiFi is a layer-III platform solution that merges NFTs and yields farming. On HachiFi, users can contribute their crypto tokens to get NFTs in return. The NFTs on this platform comprise tokenized domestic pets. These NFTs include different types of livestock animals, including ducks, dogs, cats, sheep and pigs. There are about 2,000 unique livestock animals. The process of staking your tokens in exchange for these NFTs is referred to as NFT breeding.
One of the most impressive things to note about the NFTs on this platform is that they are unique, transparent, and divisible. HACHI is the native token of this platform. This innovative token can be used to farm NFTs and as a store value. When used as a store of value, users can also buy and sell HACHI tokens. These tokens can also be staked to earn rewards. The staking rewards will depend on the amount that each user contributes. This cryptocurrency will rely on a deflationary model that will reduce the total supply and increase demand.
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