Recalls on battery packs that are traditionally used to charge up electronic devices, as well as a series of doors that would be found on the Polaris RZR left over 10,000 people looking for a solution to problems that they unexpectedly faced. Recalls in the United States have been common over the last several years – especially when it comes to electronics and the automotive sector as two more significant recalls were found in unique areas.

The first, and less significant recall of the two items was on Pro Armor doors which were found on 2010-2014 Polaris RZR 800 and 900 models.

They were sold from June 2014 to October 2014 at Powersports dealers, as well as sold online. They’re solid black and chiefly consist of a large metal panel in the center of the door. Roughly 300 people are impacted by this recall, and while that may not seem like a major number of people, that is a significant concern for users of the aforementioned vehicles. It’s been reported that the latch pin in the door can disconnect itself from the core of the vehicle and essentially cause the rider to be ejected should that individual not guard themselves carefully.

Right now there have just been 23 reports of this particular issue, but the issue is one that the company does not want to see become a widespread issue, especially considering how few doors are out there.

Next, and more significantly is the recall of Goal Zero’s Sherpa brand 50 and 120 rechargeable battery packs. They’re lithium ion battery packs, and for the most part are silver and black according to a release by the company. The words Goal Zero and Sherpa are both printed on the battery packs, and they were sold for more than 3 years in all. March 2010 they went on sale at, and also – but it wasn’t until November of last year that the battery packs stopped being sold.

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Unfortunately there are roughly 10,000 of these out in the open market and the company warns that there has been at least one reported fire, and another two instances of property damage thanks to these battery packs, which can severely overheat and eventually cause a fire.

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The companies involved in these recalls have been working diligently with customers to ensure that the problematic items are taken care of properly. Both companies urge that anyone using these products either go to the company websites for more information, and information on what to do – or call Pro Armor at 888-312-7667, and Goal Zero at 877-897-3193 for any questions that customers may have.


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