Samsung has had a real struggle over the last year with their top-end devices. Whether we’re talking about the Galaxy S5 or it’s the Galaxy Note 4 – both devices are struggling to sell. They’re not selling in stores, they’re not selling online, and now – according to many reports – as many as “half” of what Samsung thought they would sell are “piling up in warehouses.” There was a 74% decline in profits for Samsung, which stung enough – but now rumblings about executive change are coming for the troubled tech giant.

To make matters worse, the company had actually ordered 20% more models of the S5 than they did the S4, which only made the situation feel worse and look worse after the S4 broke the records the company previously held. Now, the company can’t even win in the Android market – since HTC and LG have come along with the One M8 and G3 respectively – to trump Samsung once again.

And as for a comparison to the Apple iPhone 6 – well that outsold the Samsung Galaxy S5 by a 3-to-1 clip. Samsung is way behind when it comes to catching up to the iPhone 6 and the holiday deals are really making the race difficult to even compete in. That being said Samsung doesn’t just offer the S5 as competition for Apple – but also the Note 4 – which while it does not compete directly with the iPhone 6 – any device that isn’t an Apple iPhone is often seen as competition. While there aren’t any sales numbers that Samsung has released to specifically compare the recent performance of the Note 4 compared to an iPhone – analysts agree that if the S5 isn’t competing – then the rest of Samsung’s devices are failing to compete as well.

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Even while the company is offering the Galaxy S5 for just $1 and the Galaxy Note 4 for $199 through the major carriers on Amazon – things don’t look good for the company as they push through this holiday season. The devices are impressive, too, which makes watching Samsung struggle so disappointing. The S5 is available in White, Black, and Gold – with the 16GB version being the device that costs just $1. A 5.1-inch screen, 16-MP camera, and a 2.5 GHz processer make for a device that is a great value – but will likely continue to perform poorly.

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The same can be said for the Note 4 which is $199 with all three carriers, is offered in Black, and White. It has a 5.7-inch screen, 16-MP camera, and a 2.7 GHz processor. While there isn’t a great promotion on the device – the end result will still likely be unfavorable for Samsung.


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