Nintendo is bringing back the glory days of the Game Boy Color and the Game Boy Advance. The company is doing it by taking some of the greatest hits from those two platforms – and bringing them to the mobile platform – available on smartphones, tablets, and possibly finding new users for a mobile streaming platform created by Nintendo.

The patent that the company filed over the summer details how the company plans to “emulate” Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance Games. The emulation would make the games compatible on mobile devices, like phones, tablets, and even a few other personal style displays. Specifically, Nintendo is eying displays in cars – as well as airplanes and even trains. It may seem like a stretch, but it is worth noting that this update to their patent is really just that – an update, and nothing absolutely new.

Nintendo has been vocal making customers remember that these games won’t be on your iPhone or Android device anytime soon, but down the road – the option is possible. That’s really what this move was about, bringing security to the brand, so Nintendo could make the move – if they desired.

Nintendo Patents Game Boy Emulator

Nintendo definitely isn’t a brand that’s struggling either. What was at one time the most identifiable and iconic gaming brand in the United States, especially in the early gaming days, the sales for their 3DS handheld, and the game Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, as well as Super Smash Bros. have proven the brands longstanding, and even current legitimacy in the handheld market.

Some though are contesting that this move was made after analysts urged Nintendo to begin heading in this direction. Eventually, the company wants to eliminate the need for those who want to play those “classics” on a mobile platform to not have to reach for illegal means to do so on their mobile devices with an illegal emulator. Plus, it would be an additional method for monetizing their old games and platform – which have largely stalled in sales.

Perhaps most interestingly though is the fact that the patent will actually give Nintendo the ability to work outside the box on this one, and not simply focus on games, or consoles when they break into the mobile space. This move actually gives Nintendo wiggle room moving into the future that could give them some versatility in the future.