Apple may not have the market share that Android has racked up over the years. They may not have a diverse lineup of smartphones, which are ultimately manufactured by dozens of smartphone and tablet makers. Their operating system may have received the harshest feedback of any mobile operating system to date, and Apple by and large handled the launch of iOS 8 – their newest and most-recent software update – as poorly as one could.

Yet, Black Friday has come and gone, but we’re once again talking about Apple’s dominance. We’re not talking about devices sold or sales in the competing app stores. We’re talking about something that accounts for a significantly larger scale than that. Apple destroyed Android and Samsung in terms of actual usage this Black Friday.

IBM Digital Analytics did some digging on how people were shopping this Black Friday – now that the weekend is nearing conclusion, and the rush of Cyber Monday is nearly upon us – and the findings were rather telling. Overall, online sales this Black Friday were up by 9.5%. Between Thursday and Friday, online shopping accounted for 47.6% and 53.1% respectively – which was a major success for the e-commerce industry.

Digging deeper into those sales figures though, or determining how people were spending when shopping online was incredibly telling about what devices are most-successful right now. Apple iOS devices accounted for 34% of online traffic and nearly 22% of actual sales. Comparatively, Android only accounted for 15% of online traffic and just under 6% of actual sales.

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This isn’t just a big deal for those who want to brag about Apple or for those incredibly dedicated users who criticize Android users, particularly Samsung after a very disappointing year. It’s been no argument that the future of shopping is definitely in the e-commerce arena, and smartphone consumers aren’t going to be the only ones that see these figures. This is something that could have long-term, tangible impacts on those who make Android devices, when retailers are going to see that in addition to being out-used by iOS, they’re also getting out performed in terms of quality of sale.

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The numbers reflect somewhat negligible conversion rate – with iOS bringing home a 2.87% conversion rate, against Androids 2.14% rate in conversion. However, accounting for more traffic, more physical sales, and a higher-quality sale – with the average iOS user ringing up a transaction of $121.86 compared to Android’s $98.07 transaction value – metrics that retailers hold dearly to them – does not bode well for either Android or Samsung moving forward.

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While that is just one day, it is likely that this will have been a trend – likely bearing a similar outcome on Cyber Monday, as well.


    • Actually, digged is the older past tense and past participle of dig, pre-dating dug by several hundred years. But please keep hectoring the individuals that may have a better grasp of the intricacies of the English language than you do.

  1. only hear (sea what i did their) because you’re garbage headline was in my google news feed

    kept up the gewd werk

    tech no lo gee right ters

    • Um…. you came to a tech news site… and you’re complaining that there’s articles about tech?

      Do you also go onto the ESPN website and talk about how nobody cares about sports?

      • What kind of fucking moron are you? Cheapos? That apple is shoved so far up your ass, you cant see straight. The iPhone has been out specced and featured since 2010. I can afford either or, why in the hell would I pay more for an inferior product, you idiot. If your insulted by being called an idiot, then educate yourself before you speak and sound like stuck up retard.

        • How about this….. Are you ready for it? It’s your fucking money, so buy whatever the hell you want! Apple, Android, or a couple of fucking cans with string in between. Specs? They change daily. Does the damn thing work the way you want it to? I have both, in my family. I like them both. I’ve never considered these things a “status symbol”. THAT would be fucking moronic!

        • Utter rubbish. Apples A series processors destroy the best snapdragons powering the flagship android handsets out there. Yet like idiots Androids keep claiming their trashy devices are the best out there.

          I have owned a galaxy nexus for nearly two years – it was the trashiest piece of junk that ever came out. It was supposed to have a facial recognition software that unlocked the phone just looking at it. It was miserable and never worked. That’s what Androids out speced features are all about. Trashy poorly implemented.

          On top of that Galaxy Nexus had a pathetic battery life which made the screen almost always dull and jaded. The amoled pentile display of Galaxy Nexus is the crappiest screen out there in the market.

          Even today you go to a BestBuy store you will find countless Samsung S5 and note S4 having burnt out screens – a pathetic downside of super Amoled screens.

          The design ethic of touchwiz is outright trashy. Have you seen how clunky and garish the messaging app is on Samsung Galaxy S5? It seems to have been designed by a third world slave worker. No wonder in US people who have significant disposable incomes go for iPhones for their elegance and ease of use.

          Keep your trashy Android for your self. You don’t speak for everyone.

        • He’s right. Android devices are cheaply made. The owners are cheap… no doubts about it. The facts prove it! I know, it’s hard to face the truth… I know it hurts… I know it pains you… but go ahead… Cry us a river now….

      • Apple…an irrational slave relationship to inferior products populated by idiots who actually believe spending more money on technology products means they are better.

        • Android – trashy product sold to people having inferiority complex and low disposable incomes. Customers of android are those who think more features with buggy performance makes them superior to everyone else. It stokes their ego which compensates their inferiority complex.

          • Android users actually enjoy more disposable income because we don’t pay double for a phone that has 3 year old specs. We also enjoy the follow: choice of phone type/manufacturer, ability to freely access files on our phone, more customization, widgets, bigger screen size, smaller screen size, more free apps, using the Android OS, not having to go through the manufacturer for every little thing, not having to buy everything else Apple to be able to get any bit of integration, being forced to use Apple software to do anything. Do your self a favor and look at what uses the Android OS now’a days. Also check out market share, Apple’s time has passed, to say it hasn’t is being blind. You can cling on to your out dated phone as you yell at the kids to get off your lawn, but just remember price != quality.

          • iPhone market share is actually growing in all first world economies. In US, UK, Australia, Japan its makrket share is above 30% and yes growing. Even in other developed nations like Germany, France, Spain, Italy and even in China iPhone market share is growing.

            Androids explosive growth is mostly coming from low income nations where price is the only driver for consumption.

            For one manufacturer to command nearly a third of the market place in highly competitive first world markets – it’s pretty impressive.

            As far as features let’s take them one by one –

            File system access. There are numerous apps in iOS that allow access to a sandbox style file system created within the Apps. What’s missing is universal file system where all Apps can access the files universally. The only purpose of a universal file system is to share files between different Apps. This feature is moot as iOS and in fact even Android have implemented app to app file transfer system. Actually having a universal file system is a security threat as nothing prevents a malicious App from saving a Trojan file which an innocuous App can open. Android loses here for liberty to do anything has limits. This is one limit that iOS owners are willing to live with given the benefits it espouses.

            Widgets are moot again. iOS 7 and 8 have widgets implemented in the pull down notification/ today screen. I have had an Android samsung Galaxy nexus before and used to have a number of widgets implemented on the home screen. There was always a noticeable and significant stutter as the phone opens up updating the widgets. Frankly this is a personal opinion widgets locked up in a pull down drawer has a better user perception as you don’t constantly feel your phone is underpowered.

            Screens sizes – with iPhone 6 plus, 6, 5s and even 4s Apple has many screen sizes on offer too.

            Different handset manufacturers – well you have a lot of freedom – good for you. I personally like the monolith unified system of iOS. Fragmentation problems do exist on iOS but they are no where on the scale of Android world – and that’s because there is only one manufacturer and one operating system maker.

          • Lol, facts huh, do yo have a source for that? If not, I’m a space cowboy scientist that fights crime and those are facts.

          • First stop your nonsense with specs… go check the benchmarks… if that is not enough for you just buy and use the Apple devices once in your life time…. you will change your mind.

      • Apple…for people who over spend to get a 2 year older smart phone with a slower and cheaper processor…seriously how do you all drink the apple koolaid and not get it?

    • Tried to reply to your brilliance, but alas, I just don’t understand how to use this large flip phone to sign in to Disqus……It must be one with this “technology” you speak of……

    • So correct me if I read you right. Buy Apple,if I want a device that work for me without much thinking. Buy Android, if I want a device that needs me to get a degree in technology? Common sense tells me I should buy a device that work for me, not the other way around!
      PL-your logic is flawed! Hopefully, another person can give me a real reason/s of which ever device I should get next. Still on the sideline.

      • This is coming from a person who owned both an Android and an iPhone. Go for an iPhone. Less headaches, very elegant and buttery smooth.

        Android fanatics don’t realize what they are missing.

        • I disagree my work issued phone is an iPhone 4S and my personal phone is an Android Galaxy S3. The S3 blows the 4S out of the water.

          I also notice that all the college interns in our office all have Galaxy S4’s and S5’s. None of them want an iPhone at all and consider it to be like a Blackberry, old and outdated . That bodes bad for Apple if the younger

          • 4S is three year old design. Today’s benchmarks don’t lie – iPhone 6 and 6 plus beat the socks out of the greatest Android devices out there. Today the best Android processor out there is Qualcomm’s snapdragon 805 which power Samsung Galaxy note 4 and The recently launched Nexus 6 from Google / Motorola.

            In almost all benchmarks A8 powered iPhone 6 crushes snapdragon 805.

            In my work place we have an overwhelming majority of people owning iPhones. My best fried here actually owns a Samsung S5 and Is a tad jealous of the iPhone 6plus that I have. Apple pay, Touch ID and a garish touchwiz can make anyone jealous.

          • 4S is actually 4+ year old tech device. but that does not matter… these current android phones dont even have the smoothness or responsiveness of iPhone 3Gs…

      • Translation: If you are over 30 and have no computer skills buy Apple. If you care about hardware choices and software choices and haven’t been living in a box for the last 5 years, buy Android.

        • A better translation – if you want the best speced phone that easily beats everything else in benchmark tests and is extremely easy to use – go for an iPhone.

          Fact: Apples A8 processor that powers iPhone 6 and 6 plus beats the socks out of every android processor power handsets out there.

          • Haha haha you will notice apple takes great pains to hide specs of their processors listing them as A8 with no details, The A8 is a 2.6Ghz Dual Core processor. The Note 4 is a 2.7Ghz Quad Core Snapdragon 805 they have both been benchmarked using the same specs and the 805 out performs Apple on 64bit and gpu testing.

          • I guess you missed the boat.. the A8 is a dual core 1.7ghz.. it’s OLD Samsung use to make iPhone chips. Their Note 4 uses a quad core 2.7Ghz.. read the benchmarks.

  2. This makes perfect sense. People who like to spend a lot of money, naturally would be using Apple products and therefore would account for more Black Friday usage. Those of us with Androids have no desire to spend needlessly!

    • It makes sense. Android owners are cheap. They buy cheaply made smartphones. Apple owns the higher-end of the smartphone share, and with it comes the more educated, and even wealthier consumer.

      • Let me guess, you bought an iPhone so that you could pretend to be a smarter, more educated person? Your comment is dumb. The cost to make the higher end smartphones is pretty much the same. Just because there are Android devices made for multiple price points doesn’t make Apple better.

        Looking forward to your reply, once you’re done spreading your ignorance elsewhere.

        • I don’t need to pretend, unlike you. You are dumb. Apple dominates in all areas that matter: Customer satisfaction, brand recognition, best processor speed, best overall quality. I could go on and on….

  3. Wow… do you even have an editor? It appears not a single person read your article because, if you can’t even get a third-grade level headline grammatically correct, how can we expect a single thing in the article to be true, or worth our time.

    Poor form

  4. Give the writer (Josh Durso) some slack. Look up his credentials and you’ll see he’s only worked retail most of his young life and hasn’t even gotten out of community college yet. Hopefully he’ll be a better writer once he gets out.

  5. You uh, forgot to mention that Apple’s margins are severely down from even a year ago (let alone, years prior). They are looking at a very rude awakening in the next few years, especially if they keep pumping money into the anemic iPad line and continue the splintering of its flagship phone model.

  6. Maybe Android users who have the ability to turn off tracking cookies, have. Maybe Apple users don’t have that ability to turn off or know that everything they are doing is being tracked… And this guy is going on and on about how great that is? SMH. Yay! Big Brothers watching us!!! Woo hoo!

  7. You missed a very very big point, and that is where Apple maybe digging
    their own grave. Hear me on this. Your stat may be true. But how you
    read it is important. Apple has been known to have more Internet users,
    and their users also have been known to spend more money. That’s years
    back. So, given that, and Apple still bleeding market share to a
    “poor” quality app market, “lack” of tablet apps, messed up OS adoption,
    “viruses”, what not that people throw at Android. The point being that
    what you saw has been there. What’s bad about Android has been said in
    the beginning, and Apple still sinks. That’s the problem with Apple.
    They must do something else to reverse the trend. They lose tablet
    sale, and people blame on this, and that, and Window double their
    share. Sure, Window don’t have much to start, but now, they have a
    sizable share now compared with their pass. Apple must win high and
    low, not just high to win. That’s the answer for you Steve Jobs, uh,
    uh, what’s that guy’s name? Oh well.

  8. Two words…. Apple Fanboys.

    They have always had them, even back in the early 80’s. To these Apple fanatics, they can do nothing wrong. Despite Apple’s poor labor conditions, tax dodging and general greed, to them, they can do no wrong. Despite the censorship, overpriced proprietary everything (seriously still not using direct USB?)… to the fanatic, Apple can do no wrong.

    That is until people get tired of the one-trick pony show, as what happened in the 90’s with Apple. Maybe technology will allow them to keep creating new ponies like this past decade, maybe not, only time will tell.

    Don’t get me wrong, their phones are nice for not having many options and being told what software you can put on what you buy. However, next time any fanboys buy that overpriced proprietary cable, or wait in line to get the next phone that is only slightly better than the last at a higher price, just to say you have it. Remember this is the most profitable company in the world, that has some of the high prices and profit margins, that does not pay their fair share of taxes, and has you [fanboy] in the palm of their hands. Congratulations! You played right into the top 5% hands.

  9. And yet, android phones accounted for 61.8% of smartphone sales in the US in Q3 2014 (up from 57.3% in Q3 2013) while iPhone sales dropped from 35.9% of sales in Q3 2013 to 32.6% in Q3 2014. And that includes the iPhone 6 and 6plus. But please – keep telling us how Apple “outperformed” Samsung in particular and Android in general.

    • iPhone 6 was released on September 19th to block buster sales with 10 million sold on opening weekend.

      Clearly people were holding off iPhone purchases in anticipation of a new iPhone.

      Numerous analysts are predicting a blockbuster Q4 2014 with over 70 million iPhone sales.

      You might hold off your meme that iPhone market share is reducing for a while. It’s only going to grow.

    • Even after two months iPhones shipping days are in weeks… and that is after selling 10 mil phones in a weekend… you can talk whatever…

  10. Ahh maybe Android/Samsung users don’t use their phones for cyber shopping but that doesn’t mean people like Apple more. Could be Android/Samsung users are smart not going online so wouldn’t get hacked compared to Apple users not thinking smart. Just like when the bought a over priced Apple product just to be different…

    • Or perhaps Android owners are more scared about getting their handsets hacked due to all the freedom they and others have on their platform.

      iOS owners are perhaps more relaxed in knowing that a gated community is more resistant ( though not 100% immune) to hacking.

  11. So people who buy devices from Apple have more money to spend and it’s easier to get them to part with it…What a surprise. And who cares about these statistics about online sales – it’s not even Cyber Monday yet.

  12. Guys, who cares. Web usage shows nothing. Android has always been behind in web usage. The only thing that matters is market share and last time I checked. Android leads. But who cares. Does one leading over the other affect you? If not stop yelling at each other. Competition is good for everyone.

    • Your argument equates to saying that because Ford has more market share, their cars are better than BMWs — See how much of an dilussion the “market share” argument is?

          • Android is a operating system and so is iOS. Neither is a company. Now if we were to argue companies. Than yes Apple dominates but operating system wise. Android wins

          • The only reason Android is more popular is because it’s an “open” OS. Many companies use it because they don’t have their own, like Apple. There are very many cheap phones out in the world using Android for this reason, making the most used OS… Does that mean it dominates? Heck, NO! It does not generate the revenue iOS does to its owners. That is what matters to the owners/share holders – who is bringing in the ca$h
            As for users, I have not heard ONE iOS user complaint about iOS – They can do what Android does in a much users friendly, safe manner. That to the user is a Win Win….
            The only argument Android had to win the the “customization ability”, and even that changed with iOS8 and the new jailbreaks… If an iOS user wants to go that route, they can – no problem…

  13. It will be interesting to check the stats over a longer period than over a Black Friday peak sale and larger geographical area including outside of US. Who knows it may end up being the same outcome. Good observation but I sit here and ponder whether this is an indicator of future of both competing platforms. Apple and Google have different goals. To use the goals of Apple (which is to produce excellent products) to measure Google (which is to organize information) is possibly trying to force a square peg on a round hole. Samsung, LG, Sony, Nokia, Microsoft, etc also want to produce excellent products and actually thankfully Apple continues to dominate. Microsoft is going through transition. The Apple idea to more tightly integrate hardware and software in design and manufacture of products has thrown a big challenge to everyone. Optimistic about the innovations of the future that will bring more experimentation a chance to make our lives richer.

  14. Did IBM count Amazon’s Kindle as Android? Because if it did, than Google’s Android did even poorer than noted. Let’s face it, the bulk of the people shopping using a tablet are using an iPad. It doesn’t take fancy analytics to come to that conclusion. I see 10 iPads to every Samsung and like 8 to every Kindle- and some Kindles are pretty limited.


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