Twitter has released updates for the Twitter app on multiple platforms. These platforms include Android, iOS and Consumers on each of these platforms can check out the update and start using the new version which brings a lot of new features.

The new version of Twitter has been released for the Android mobile platform. This time, the company has come up with a new design that will give Android users a native experience on their smartphones.


This new update from Twitter has wider and taller timelines that fills the screen, a flat navigation bar, tap and hold for quick actions, and many other tweaks and changes that will make you feel at home. There is a lot more waiting for you when you use this new updated version of Twitter. You can easily navigate between tabs by swiping across the screen and you will also be provided with username and hashtag suggestions as you start typing.

Similar to the update for Android, even the iOS platform and the web platform gets the Twitter update. With this new update, users on every platform will be able to use the new and unique features that are meant to improve the overall experience.

The updated Twitter app on these mobile platforms along with will now show more types of content in expanded Tweets: photo galleries, apps and product listings. Users will also be given a new link right below the content that is shared from another mobile app, such as Foursquare or Path. These links will let you open or download the apps right from the Tweet, but it also depends on whether you have installed the apps already or not.

So if you have not tried this latest update, then we suggest that you give it a try. And for users who still have not downloaded the app at all, now is a very good time to do so. Get the Twitter app for your operating system right away.