By the end of the year, Google might unveil a new laptop segment that could open up new markets and new business opportunities for the company, the Google Androidbooks.

Similar to the Google Chromebook series of laptops that runs Google Chrome operating system, we might soon get to see the Google Androidbook series of laptops which will run a special Android operating system. This operating system will be a special version of Android which will act as a full fletched operating system for laptops.

The Google Chromebook has been in the market for quite some time now and the company has been trying to promote the product in order to increase sales. Reports also indicate that the growth of Google Chromebooks have been slow and steady, and things should get better in the near future.
Chromebooks are laptops that give you a unique web experience combined with the Google Chrome browser. Now the so called Androidbooks are believed to deliver a full Android experience to laptop users at the right level and with the right depth. Google Androidbooks will allow users to do almost everything that you can do on a regular laptop running other operating systems.

Google may have already accelerated the development of these Androidbooks inside the company. Some time back, the company asked Sundar Pichai, head of the Chrome team to also handle Android development in an attempt to accelerate the company’s penetration into the PC industry.
Recent reports from Digitimes say that ‘the devices may show up at the end of the third quarter or early in the fourth quarter.’ So if the reports are true, then we will get to see the Google Androidbook by the end of the year.

We expect the Androidbooks to be very different from the Chromebooks, but with Google being the one to take control, we expect both these laptops to have high-end configurations and top of the class build quality. Let us know if you are interested in the Google Androidbook or whether you would still prefer the Chromebook or laptops running on other operating systems.