The popular music service from Blackberry, the ‘BBM Music service’ will soon be a thing of past. The company has decided to stop this service and has already informed all its subscribers about the same.

Blackberry has decided to put a stop to the BBM Music service which was started about 2 years ago. BlackBerry has already sent out emails to all the subscribers in which the company has announced that the BBM Music will be discontinued as on June 2nd. Blackberry also pointed customers to an alternate service – Rdio, and offered them a free 30-day trial of this replacement service.

The BBM Music service has been around for quite some time and served as a good business model for the company when it was launched. Initially when Blackberry announced this BBM Music service, the company presented the service to consumers as an easy-to-use service that enabled “viral music discovery” by letting people share up to 50 of their favorite songs with their BBM friends.

So all you had to do was pay the monthly fee join the service. The best part of this service was that the more friends you got to join the $4.99 monthly service, the more songs you got to listen to. But as time passed by, things started to change and Blackberry started to lose its edge as one of the most dominant companies in the mobile market.

The reason why BlackBerry has decided to put a stop to this service seems to be simple and straight forward – the service is not bringing in a lot of money and hence the company wants to focus on new and better things.

Time has changed and BlackBerry already has a lot of competition to its BBM Music service. The company realizes this fact and has shifted focus to something that can be innovative and useful to its consumers and at the same time help the company grow financially.

Lastly, if you are not one of the subscribers who received the email from the company, then here is what Blackberry said in the email, “After the service is discontinued, we recommend that you delete the app from your BlackBerry smartphone.”