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The iphone 14 v4 of the world confirms the most coveted design 2022 – Game News 24 – Game News 24

This video relating to an apple iPhone 14 Pro brings new light to the next Android smartphone lineup with its launch tomorrow, September 7th. An AP project, called a computer-readable mobile phone, will be played around with a new app.
This equipment is one of the stars of the special event That was hosted by Tim Cook. In addition, it will be the company’s first physical event since the COVID-19 pandemic. Now you can easily get to know the Apple phone 14 and a lot of other products that come with the earliest attention.
There is almost infinite enthusiasm for the new phones, that is just in comparison to the secrecy that surrounds Apple’s products. While the above video will take you through several plausible hypotheses for the next major release, you will find out more about that.
We see, first and foremost, the long-awaited tablet and circle-shaped notch for the FaceID sensor and front camera respectively. There is no shortage of opportunities for this reduction of $2,000, with all the others continuing to get used to.
As well as the general appearance of the iOS smartphone maintains the straight edges of those we’ve already known since the iPhone 12 – with slight changes especially the back of the device. Note the larger rear camera module, particularly.
To note that in any case there is no video of a real unit. Obwohl YouTube and other Internet sites have a lot of clickbait videos, the most effective ones we have is renders and dummies, non-functional units.
It is also worth noting that this material was recently shared on his twitter page with Ice Universe. This is a source with great reputation and a good record. However, until the official presentation begins, we will have to make sure we can clear all the doubts.
The video above shows us a smartphone with a Lightning port on the bottom and a straight edge, like the current iPhones. A triple camera is also located at the rear, a little larger than the iPhone 13. The other physical elements, like a tie, are unchanged in the same place.
I’ll write it to you later. Obviously, the Apple iPhone 14 Pro will be updated and is now fully supported. There is no truth to this material who illustrates the article. In this case, we will have a product that’s visually very similar to ours when we are in stores around the world.
Finally, we should wait until the official presentation of the new Apple iPhone 14, September 7 at the Cupertino manufacturers special event next autumn.
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