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Bitcoin price recovers $31.5K, but traders say ‘scam’ price action will bring more downside – Cointelegraph

BTC price rallied back to a strong resistance level at $31,500, but traders caution that another whipsaw is the most likely outcome.
Bitcoin’s (BTC) short-term price action has been dominated by whipsaws that trigger around the $31,000 to $32,000 level and the June 6 reversal at this point triggered a quick sell-off that pushed the price down to $29,200.
Surprisingly, on June 7, the price rapidly reversed course as Bitcoin rallied back to $31,500, but given the current rejection at this level, traders are likely to proceed cautiously, rather than expect a quick surge to $35,000.
Here’s what several analysts are saying about the short-term outlook for BTC and what support levels to keep an eye on moving forward.
The range-bound trading currently impacting Bitcoin was addressed by crypto analyst and pseudonymous Twitter user il Capo of Crypto, who posted the following chart highlighting the “clean range” that BTC has been stuck in for nearly a month.
The analyst said,
A slightly different outcome to the current market chop was suggested by crypto trader and pseudonymous Twitter user Phoenix, who posted the following chart lamenting the month-long range-bound trading for BTC and hinted that it will see more of the same.
Phoenix said,
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For traders trying to get some sense of where the bottom might be, market analyst and pseudonymous Twitter user Rekt Capital posted the following chart highlighting the 200-EMA (exponential moving average) as a key indicator to watch.
According to Rekt Capital, the price history for Bitcoin shows that while it “tends to confirm uptrends when it breaks above the blue 50-week EMA,” on the flip side it “tends to confirm maximum financial opportunity when it reaches and breaks down from the black 200-week EMA.”
A closer look at the recent price action around these indicators was provided in the following chart posted by Rekt Capital to provide a better picture of what support level to look out for.
Rekt Capital said,
The overall cryptocurrency market cap now stands at $1.24 trillion and Bitcoin’s dominance rate is 46.4%.
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