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Apple iPhone 5S prototype images leaked – Is it really the iPhone 5S?


Recently there have been some really interesting pictures of what seem to be a prototype of the upcoming Apple smartphone that everyone has been waiting for, the Apple iPhone 5S.

These images are not that good but they do reveal a lot of information about the device and the possibility that this device could actually be the Apple iPhone 5S that we all have been talking about since some time now.


There is one thing that really caught our attention, the iPhone 5S shown in the images looks way different compared to the design of any of the iPhones currently available in the market today. We still find it hard to believe that the device has no ‘Home Button’ which has been one of the most iconic features of Apple products (the one button that directly brings you back to the home screen).

The overall design of the device is also very different. It has slopes towards the edges and this is what makes things interesting. Because this is the same design as the patent application from Apple that was approved last week.

Regardless of the number of proofs that force us to believe that this could be the next iPhone 5S, we agree only half way. We believe that the iPhone 5S will be somewhat similar to the device shown in the images, but we are still find it difficult to believe that Apple has plans to get rid of the Home button all of a sudden, and at the same time divert from the really cool iPhone design that the company was able to achieve with the Apple iPhone 5.

There is a high possibility that this design could simply be one of the many prototypes that Apple might be testing. Apple has always used simple Zen like design and keeping the design of their devices clean and simple has always been the company’s target.

Let us know what you think about this new design approach of the iPhone 5S. Do you like this new design or would you prefer something on the lines of the Apple iPhone 5 instead?

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