Recently an image of a low-end smartphone, BlackBerry R10 has been posted on the internet, indicating that BlackBerry may have already taken into consideration, the suggestions that said that the company should look to capitalize in the low-end market segment as well.

A forum user has posted an image of what seems to be a new BlackBerry smartphone which looks very much like the BlackBerry Curve series. The user claims that it is the R-series, which brings us back to the BlackBerry road map for the yearrseries


Recently we saw leaked images of the BlackBerry’s road map for the year 2013, in which there was a mention of the BlackBerry R10 which was said to be the successor to the Q10. But now it seems that the R10 might actually be a brother to the Q10 which will bring BlackBerry 10 into the hands on low-end consumers.

BlackBerry has officially announced the BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry Q10 which are high-end smartphones targeted towards the upper class user base. But it was already clear that if BlackBerry wanted to really succeed in the mobile market, the company would have to take care of low and mid-segment users specially in countries like India and China in the Asian markets where a majority of the consumers fall in the low and mid-segment.

BlackBerry might have already considered this point as we have something that makes us believe so. What we see in the image here could be the third BlackBerry 10 smartphone from BlackBerry.

This new smartphone from the company, which is could be the BlackBerry R10 or simply the R series is expected to have micro SD and Micro SIM card slots on the side for quick swapping without taking the phone apart. The device will also have 8 GB of internal storage and an 1800mAh battery similar to the BlackBerry Z10.

It would be really interesting to see if BlackBerry unveils this new smartphone soon enough. Would you buy this BlackBerry R10 if it comes out as a budget smartphone that offers you the Blackberry 10 experience?