Google Glass definitely didn’t take off the way the company had once hoped it would. It was technology that many thought would completely change the way the technical world was received, and interacted with.

However, that change didn’t come as aggressively as the company had forecasted. It’s been two years since the original device was introduced to the world, but many have wondered what the future of the device would even look like – or if it would even have a place in the traditional consumer space. It’s been a rough road for Google Glass – as app developers have been giving up on the platform at a faster pace than developers have been added. Most recently, and most notably, Twitter pulled their support for their own Glass app which was among the top dogs in the Google Glass world.

Two years later though, and after one minor tweak to the system – Google Glass could be getting a major overhaul. Everything from externals to internal operations are up for grabs – and this time Google has Intel in on the hardware. No longer will the new edition of Google Glass be operated from a Texas Instruments SoC processor, and will now have its internal parts getting a full-blown overhaul from Intel.

When the device first launched, everything was an issue – the running of the system, hardware support, and even something as simple as battery life – became a toxic issue that made the entire brand image take a severe beating. Google though, joining forces with Intel to create a more effective Glass product will likely put a lot of those issues to rest.

Additionally, it would be assumed that the device would be running Android 5.0 – which is something that would surely be a boost to the morale of potential customers.

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While this launch was originally expected to happen in 2014, the delay – even if ends up being delayed several months – would still likely be worth it since this will also likely be the moment that reinvigorates the Google Glass space. There is an incredible amount of promise with Google Glass, and it would be incredibly valuable to have a successful and reassuring launch to get users and developers back on board with what would be an incredibly promising platform.

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To give some perspective on how ‘dead’ the Google Glass platform has been to many consumers – Google didn’t even bother making it a part of the Cyber Monday, or Black Friday promotions that hit the market this past weekend – at least not in any major way. By and large, it would appear as though Google cut their losses and are waiting for the next release – which should not disappoint at all.


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