Samsung shed three of its top executives today, according to the company. This after a year of struggle as the company missed projections by 40-50% on their flagship Galaxy S5 line. Also during a year when the company lost significant ground to smartphone makers in China, in addition to losing some ground to Apple. J.K. Shin was on everyone’s radar with regards to who the company might push out as result of the bad performance. However, the company is giving the leader of the mobile division another chance to lead Samsung, despite the results – as well as growing concern that it might be time for a change.

One of the individuals that will be leaving the company, or at least stepping down from their current role, will be D.J. Lee, who is the head of sales and marketing for Samsung’s mobile division. As for the reasoning of the move, sources close to the situation cited that it was really just a matter of “taking responsibility for lackluster smartphone sales.”

While official numbers have not come from Samsung themselves, reports have suggested that the company’s actual output of units in sales numbers declined sharply in the most recent quarter – when compared to the quarter it competed with last year with the Galaxy S4. To be precise, the numbers show that in that quarter just 12 million Galaxy S5 units sold, compared to the 16 million Galaxy S4 units that were sold the year before.

However, this might just be a matter of technicality. Since no official numbers are out – that really just leaves a lot of speculation floating around. “J.K. Shin has made big contributions in making Samsung Electronics the No. 1 maker of mobile smartphones,” said June Lee, the head of corporate communications at Samsung’s Corporate Strategy Office. A management shakeup is something that many close to the situation have said would be coming in the next few weeks, leading into 2015.

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Things are looking up for Samsung though as they are working on an incredibly promising device that should completely reinvent the current flagship device which has grown stale. Both Apple and Samsung have seen an increase in competition from Chinese smartphone makers, so a new – reinvented, and reinvigorated device would be something that could give Shin a chance to truly lead Samsung from their darkest days in the last several years.

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Many jumped on the fact that at over the weekend, IBM released numbers that showed iOS outperformed Android – and consequently Samsung with regards to Black Friday shopping, accounting for far more sales than Android did – as more shoppers did their shopping on mobile devices. This has only generated a greater need, and desire from Samsung and Android users for the company to succeed, since they have delivered some great products through the last several years and are still very much a global leader in the smartphone space.


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