Cyber Monday is growing to a close, and Black Friday is a part of history now, but the sales have been increasingly aggressive as the day has played out. Companies like Lenovo, Microsoft, Dell and Toshiba have all gotten more aggressive with their markdowns in an effort to draw more attention to their products and convert any uncertain customers into paying customers. That said as the day grows to a close – there are several deals worth taking a look at for anyone in the market for a new laptop.

Here are the best deals:

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 for $799

This is one of the most powerful laptops on the market, and it totes an impressive touchscreen display with it. Performance is put on a pedestal with this device and with it bringing an Intel Core i5 processor that has 4GB of RAM to work with along with a 12-inch display that isn’t really matched as far as function goes this is a great device to cash in on before the end of the day. The battery is impressive on this device as it brings 9 hours of web browsing and traditional use. Meaning, if you’re working from the office, or from home – this device will get the job done from start to finish. It’s also incredibly versatile as it can be used as a tablet, as well as a traditional laptop.

Lenovo ThinkPad Helix 36984SU for $1,169

Lenovo has an incredible deal on a 2-in-1 that typically retails for nearly $2,000. The savings on this high-end Ultrabook unleashes a savings of nearly $800. An 11.6-inch full-HD display, Intel Core i7 processor – with 8GB RAM, and boasting 180GB of Solid State memory. Add in incredible battery management, and battery longevity and what you’re left with is an incredible device. For the price, this is nearly-twice the computer and functionality than the Surface Pro 3 offers for just a few hundred more.

Dell XPS 12-5328CRBFB 12.5 Inch Convertible 2 in 1 Touchscreen Ultrabook for $673.05

This device is less expensive but brings a good assortment of specification to the table to ensure that it’s not lacking in any way. An Intel Core i5 processor that clocks in at 1.8GHz, as well as an Intel 4000 graphics card – which makes it amongst the best in terms of visual behavior, and very competent in terms of physical behavior. Add in touchscreen, and account for the fact that it’s a very affordable device compared to others in the space, and that makes this one of the best choices on this Cyber Monday.

Toshiba Satellite U925T-S2120 for $599

This is easily the most budget friendly device that’s on the list. The device has a 12.5-inch display that doesn’t fall short in any way – but isn’t the best of the four choices. Another Intel Core i5 processor also powers this device and it brings 2.0GHz of production to the table. The cost of this device actually makes this most entertaining. It is an ultra-book, so the functionality is there and it’s important – but the cost is what will sell this device today.


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