T-Mobile is offering some of the best pricing on the iPhone 6 that anyone has seen to date, slashing the cost of memory upgrades by $100. The deal which appears to be exclusive to Cyber Monday will get any T-Mobile user a 64GB iPhone 6 for $650. T-Mobile doesn’t do two-year contracts, so the other options paying $27 per month – which would mean paying $0 up front.

$0 down, and $0 up front is by far the best deal that has been presented by any of the four major carriers in the United States – but the lack of contract option puts some strain on the deal. Customers would be more comfortable with purchasing a device on a discounted two-year contract price – than either paying $650 up front, or being saddled with the entire balance should the user want to end their agreement with T-Mobile.

The iPhone 6 has a 4.7-inch Retina display – which is the best of the best for Apple and features specifically a 64-bit A8 processor that is built by Apple, and exclusively for Apple iPhones. The fact that T-Mobile is offering a 64GB device at that price is actually quite astounding, especially given that the device is made by Apple and typically their devices don’t see price cuts like this very often.

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Some other stores, like Best Buy, Target and Walmart offered deals on iPads, iPhones, and other Apple products but at the end of the day – none of them were either this aggressive, or this valuable in comparison to the physical features of the smartphone in the deal. An interesting note in favor of anyone looking to cash in on this deal would be the fact that it’s being run at “pacific time,” which means those individuals on the East Coast actually have an extra few hours to cash in on the Cyber Monday deal beyond the stroke of midnight on the East Coast.

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Apple’s success with the iPhone 6 hasn’t been met universally around the entire company. As one device thrives – another seems to be slumping off into oblivion. iPad sales have been falling, and now the device is actually getting beaten by Google’s Chromebook in schools due to the functionality and ability of the device to work well at that level. This is an area where Apple thought that they could ultimately dominate, but it has proven to be a difficult task – given the affordability of the Chromebook.


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