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FireFox releases security patches, removes Google as default search engine


A new Mozilla FireFox update has killed two birds with one stone: provided security enhancements while removing Google as its default search engine.

FireFox provided its FireFox 34 open-source Web browser update today that removes search engine giant Google as the go-to search engine for many users who’ve become comfortable with “The Google Way” over the years. The reason for the removal of Google from Mozilla’s FireFox web browser concerns the fact that Mozilla and Google had a ten-year agreement that’s now expired.

In Google’s place in the US will be Yahoo. The new search engine change shouldn’t be a surprise since Mozilla already made its announcement about the Google search engine removal from FireFox last month on November 19. Other default search engine changes occurring in the FireFox 34 update include China (now Baidu as the default search engine) and Russia (Yandex).

Not only did FireFox 34 make a statement with Google’s removal: the update also provided eight security updates to patch vulnerabilities within the web browser. Among these are a buffer overflow patch for media content (CVE-2014-1593) that was pointed out by a Google researcher using the Address Sanitizer tool, as well as an HTML5 use-after-free memory issue (CVE-2014-1592).

Yahoo is on; how you can turn it off

For some, Yahoo will prove to be a welcome change for those who’ve grown tired of Google’s dominance in web searches; others, however, will see the change as nothing short of annoying and an unnecessary adjustment. With suspicion surrounding Google’s dominance in web searches these days, it seems that Yahoo may win over some users who feel that Google is into too much online.

Still, it’s safe to say that many web users have grown content and familiar with Google as their default search engine, and change is not always easy.

If you find yourself longing to go back to Google’s borders, we can help. Here’s how to turn off Yahoo and turn Google back on again:

  • Install Google Default, a FireFox add-on.
  • Go to the FireFox search box.
  • Click the Google icon.
  • Select “Google Default” from the drop down window.

Now, you’re ready to return to Google in your search engine experience.

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