Google Fiber is rolling out in Austin allowing signups this week for customers who live in the Austin, Texas area. Just a few days after the company announced what the pricing plan would look like for the service that looks to challenge Verizon, and Time Warner’s large-scale service options – customers who live in the South part of Austin have the ability to sign up. Eventually, that will encompass the entire city of Austin, and the goal will be to rollout to other communities as well – addressing large metro-areas first.

“This is just the beginning,” according to Mark Strama, who is the head of Google Fiber in Austin. Ultimately, he notes that the goal will be to bring Google Fiber to the entire city of Austin – and include “every neighborhood in Austin that wants it.” Google is offering free Google Fiber service to local organizations, and community groups – like schools, nonprofits, and libraries in the meantime. Google will be also updating an interactive map online that will detail what neighborhoods have the service available, and who will have to continue to wait before the service is unveiled in their region.

According to the specs, the connection is nearly 100x faster than any basic broadband speed that is currently available on the market. That’s something Google has boasted throughout the entire campaign leading up to the rollout phase – which we’re now experiencing first hand. In all its said that Google is looking at 34 cities right now that could be the next series of landing spots for Google Fiber, and businesses in the area are eligible to sign up for the service.

The cost of the service will run $70 a month, and will get the fastest Web speeds around, up to 1,000 Mbps download and upload speeds and 1TB of Google’s Cloud storage – which is an added bonus. They will also offer a bundled TV service that will package this with over 150 channels for $130 a month.

In all, this will be a welcomed change to many as alternatives to the “all-too-powerful” cable companies continue to get more, and more aggressive with their pricing. There will be a $300 construction fee for those who opt to join Google Fiber, but that will be waived with a one-year service commitment.