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Instagram Updates Users Timeline… And No One Is Happy About It! – KIIS1065

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By Kelsey Nagel
9th May, 2022
In a world where social media platforms are fighting for our attention, Instagram’s sacred timeline has been compromised.
TikTok’s ‘For You Page’ formula of random videos has become the holy grail for all other social media platforms. Instagram introduced ‘Reels’ at the end of 2020 to try and create competition after juggernaut TikTok became the worlds most downloaded app during the pandemic.
Now Instagram has changed it’s timeline format to look just like Reels and well the people are NOT happy!
New Instagram update got me thinking everything in my timeline is a reel
— Đoni (@Niko2Tall) May 6, 2022

Why does Instagram want to be like TikTok so bad? This new update is so ugly. I can’t even tell the difference between a picture, a reel or an Ad. Everything is just jumbled up and I keep seeing the same posts repeatedly since yesterday. @instagram
— Atuma (@_atuma) May 7, 2022

This new Instagram layout update… if you want us to delete the app so bad just say so. pic.twitter.com/TUlSajgj3U
— Hex Girls VEVO (@covasays) May 7, 2022

no ‘cause wtf is this new Instagram update? This is awful🤮😭#Instagram pic.twitter.com/fxraEmND5u
— gelo (@gelo2022) May 7, 2022

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