Twitter is making the reporting process easier. The company outlined their plan and released that plan via Twitter Blog, which would make it easier to flag Tweets that are deemed inappropriate by users.

Specifically, the company is changing the way blocking, reporting and hiding happen on the site and are working to make it easier to report Tweets or flag inappropriate content on mobile devices.

One of the major features is a “blocked accounts page” that will allow you to manage and control the pages, or people that you have blocked. It will ensure that users have complete control – or more control – the kind that has been seen on Facebook for some time now, with regards to the content that is hitting them on the social network. Another added bonus is that accounts who you’ve blocked, will not be able to access your page, no matter what with the latest update in privacy and security.

Right now Twitter has noted that the update to the safety and reporting features is only available for select users, but in the coming weeks that they would be rolling out for everyone to use and take advantage of.

To report, or block a person on a mobile device – where the most improvement was clearly made in the entire process – users simply have to touch the other options button on a Tweet – the last button on the right, underneath the Tweet itself – and then press “block.” At that point, the user will be given a series of questions, which are all answerable with a simple tap at each question. It will ask if the user wants to file a report – and then ask very simple questions that are all included in a nice mobile setup.

The entire process from start to finish takes less than 30-seconds to report if the user is moving quickly, and at maximum a minute. Twitter made the entire process flow a lot more effectively and ensured that the choices were not abstract or hard to understand. The process is simple, and the questions being discussed are simple. The mobile updates might take a bit longer to hit devices depending on whether users are using iOS or Android – but the changes look like they will be live universally for users by the middle of the month.

Twitter is continuing to work on this as they are working on a feature that would allow users to batch block or block multiple users at the same time for ill-minded activity. Overall, the emphasis is control for the user, and the safety of the user – as threats and violence on the Internet has peaked.