HTC has put all of its proverbial eggs in one basket as we draw closer to the end of 2014. The company managed to make it through the holiday shopping season without launching a new device to compete with any of the major brands or devices that are out selling in bundles right now.

That being said, HTC is facing a much grimmer outlook than Samsung has – yet media coverage has pinned Samsung as a company on the verge of failing with their smartphone business.

The HTC One (M9) will be facing a tough fight as it heads into the year that the device will undoubtedly launch. Even with very positive reviews coming in for the HTC One (M8) that device still failed from the sales perspective against rivals. HTC does plan on making some significant changes in the way they produce their flagship smartphone as they move forward into 2015 when this momentous device should launch in March at the Mobile World Congress.

From the appearance standpoint of the device – it will be using an aluminum silicon-carbide composite material that will coat the outside. Though speculation stands that from the design standpoint – the device won’t look that much different – it will feel and be much more durable and different. HTC appears to plan on keeping the relatively minimalistic and industrial feel of the device. As far as the running of the device goes, it looks like the HTC One (M9) will be getting an upgrade to some degree.

Most believe that a 5.5-inch display will be coming that will have a 2,560×1,440-pixel resolution, and bring three storage packages to the table. The device is rumored to be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor with 3GB of RAM. The device will be available in a 32GB option, a 64GB option, and a 128GB option. The speakers might be one of the most impressive features of the new device that will undoubtedly debut in 2015 with HTC likely collaborating with Bose for the speakers of this device. That being said, that would give HTC a win in the one area that the company has not struggled at all to win. Since the HTC One (M7) debuted the company has thrived when it comes to media output producing the best sound in smartphones.

The device will likely feature a 16MP rear-facing camera that will put the M9 in line with the rest of the devices in the smartphone world – and really poise the company to make a return to the positive side of life in smartphone technology. All signs point to Android 5.0 Lollipop being vetted as the operating system of choice – but a significant update to HTC Sense will make this device flow really well on the function end since Sense has always been a high-performer in the function category.

Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 4 getting Android Lollipop, S4 and Note 3 getting Android 4.4.4

The battery on this device will also be pretty impressive, but in terms of physical use might not be as overly impressive as we’ve seen with other devices. A 3500mAh battery is expected to be used in this device. The HTC One (M9) will likely be released on all four major United States carriers at some point after the conference in March – and will likely cost $199 with a 2-year service agreement, and $650 without a contract – putting the One (M9) right in the middle of industry standard.