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Melting Antarctica glaciers dropping Mount Everest worth of ice into sea, Scientist says


Antarctica is undergoing some major changes that are completely reinventing the coastal regions of the icy continent. The ocean water surrounding Antarctica is growing less salty, in addition to simply melting away. The concern is real, according to scientists, who believe that after completing the first real survey of the region in the history of Earth that real answers can finally be unearthed.

The waters surrounding Antarctica have warmed for the last 40 years consecutively, and scientists believe that is due to the warming of the ocean currents that are far below the ocean surface. Studies have found that due to the warming waters below the surface – the ice shelves are melting at a more expedited rate and even account for more than half of the total melting in the region. The scientists pointed out that even just “a half-degree rise in water temperature close to a big ice shelf can melt the ice significantly faster than raising the air temperature.”

Even more interesting is the fact that shallow waters are the waters that are losing ice shelves most quickly. However, the same scientists were quick to point out that even 40 years ago when the analysis of some of the warmest waters in Antarctica – they found that those very waters were warmest then, as well, and appeared to be warming up at a speed that wasn’t seen before by scientists. They didn’t then, and still don’t actually understand why the warming happened then, but now have a better idea as to why the waters are warming so quickly now.

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However, as the temperature of the water is warming regularly throughout the last 40 years – scientists were quick to note that the seasonal ice that forms in the winter is quickly reforming at a faster rate, and doing so more thoroughly each year – even with the warming of the waters from the current. Scientists did also note that the eastern portion of Antarctica isn’t susceptible to the type of undercurrent warming that the western portion is due to the coastal current that blocks the coast, and protects the immediate ice shelves that would be at jeopardy.


  1. Eastern and Western portions of Antarctica…can someone please explain how this works when the only direction you can take from the South Pole is North?

  2. Screaming: “Oh no! The ice is melting!” …. Whispering: “but the ice is reforming at a faster rate…” shhhhh….
    The headline reads how concerned the scientists are but within the article I am not seeing all that great concern. Confused.
    edit: Oh I’m sorry – not the actual headline – just the one showing on Google before you click. lol

    • Wowsers so the ice is reforming at a faster rate? At a faster rate than what? At a faster rate than when? What are you talking about?

      • So you didn’t actually read the article then?
        “scientists were quick to note that the seasonal ice that forms in the
        winter is quickly reforming at a faster rate, and doing so more
        thoroughly each year”
        Reading is fundamental!

        • Of course, they’re talking about fresh water ice and salt water ice, but distinctions like that spoil deniers’ narratives.

          • That’s a nice theory. Too bad it is completely wrong. Both the ice shelves and the seasonal ice that forms are sea ice.

    • Excellent point about the ice forming faster than it is being lost. Really love to see headlines stating an impending climate disaster is a fact only to discover when reading the article that it is only a prediction based on a model. Very poor journalism.

  3. Much more important is that there is a tremendous amount of frozen carbon under the water (submarine permafrost) that will melt and be released into the water and air. Frankly, this is not accounted for in current climate models, so even our pessimistic estimates are badly understated. Methane clathrate (i.e. slushy ice which contain a greenhouse gas 100X – in the short run – more powerful than CO2) is the largest source of carbon on Earth, equal to all the coal, oil, and natural gas combined. A warming pulse will cause a catastrophic feedback loop. Screw the water rise – it is a symptom, not the problem.

  4. That article is a breach of logic. The water was warmest 40 years ago, and they don’t know why, but has steadily warmed since and they know why. Also, the water is warmer, but the ice reformation is faster and more thorough throughout the year. So ice is melting faster, but refreezes faster and more complete than its melting. That would mean the ice is growing.

  5. a very good documentry on this subject done by horizon is called weather weirding weather is a colmanation of polution such as volcanic activty man made adtionally thru historical records the weatehr goes nuts about every 800 years the main cause is lack of sun spot activity as far as some areas heat up and others cool down that is what is called weatehr which varies from state city and country large vinyards have there own weather monitering staion another issue has to do with current as the artic warms up cold fresh water flows into the ocena which is salt water and silghty warmer slatwater being light then is replaced by heaver and cooler fresh water which is carried out to sea much like the el Nina and el Nina effect

  6. And also this whole concept of global warming is sketchy at best. Most if not all of the data can be disputed and very little is accepted fact. There have been so many hysterical projections and claims made about the end of the poles as they melt away…and the now drowning polar bears…I call BS

    • Everyone believes in climate change. To believe that we can change the natural cycle of the Earth, one that has been occurring since its existence, is pretty arrogant. Do we have an effect? Sure we do. Is it major? No it is not. And it is insane in light of evidence that shows this process has been going on for billions of years to believe it is anything we can control.

      • How does it feel to go against 97% of the world’s climate scientists?

        My guess is that you just don’t care or have ever even read one true scientific paper on the subject. Think about that and please tell us about that word you used – arrogance.

        • Ah the brainwashed masses are fun. If you were educated and informed at all, you’d know that for every scientist that talks about man-made climate change – there is another who says it is a natural cycle of the planet. Try getting your information outside the liberal news outlets. Your 97% onl applies to the existence of climate change – not the cause.

          • Uh, your panel of “experts” were paid for by whom? The GOP and those that do not want to have to change their polluting ways.

            The majority of climate scientists say climate change is happening and the cause is due to human activity. Sorry about that truth, a truth you will never accept. You will always find some crazy dude at the bar that will agree with you and you will accept that as the pure world view.

          • if it is all about the funding – who funds the UN and their panel? Governments who use climate change for government overreach and as a means of fueling tax revenues. Really no different in the least. And google is your friend. You don’t have to use that report, there are tons of scientists who denounce man made climate change.

      • Also, MN, you are probably too young to know this but humans have not only screwed up Earth’s ozone layer but we fixed it! Please read up and expand your concept of just what humans are capable of.

        That said, humans are just not going to give up their massive amounts of fossil fuel net energy to prevent a 1 or 2 degree increase in temperature. Never going to happen. Only the natural decline in fossil fuel production is going to accomplish that.

        • humans are responsible for less than 2% of the Co2 in the atmosphere. Read it and learn. The “oh evil human” side will tell you that is enough – the other will tell you the truth. Every thing has a footprint.. You are naive if you believe all that about the ozone layer – you should read up on the decay of the ozone layer and rebuilding – before man even existed. All these things occurred before man existed or prior to any industrialization at all. It’s all gone down before. Their “excuse’ is we are making it worse, but the science does not support that at all.

          • lol. You cannot just say “NASA” and be done with it! lol. Do you know how much research they do? We need the link, buddy. If you put that on your college paper you would have gotten a big fat F.

          • Can’t include links here so you’ll have to get someone to show you how to use the internet. Here is a prime example of how they lie to you:
            NOAA did an extensive study into the California drought. (you’ll have to google it) determining that it was not climate change but a natural cycle – and had happened before. The climate change people did not like this – so they are saying all kinds of wrong about the report which btw also includes NASA, Columbia University and International Research Institute for Climate.

            “Climate change would not have been a main driver of the
            precipitation anomalies,” said Marty Hoerling, a co-author of the report
            and researcher at NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory.”

            Google Nature not climate change, blamed for drought.

            Here is what the man-made climate change people had to say – realizing they can’t directly call NOAA liars.

            “While connections to the tropical Pacific are exposed, the analysis
            is incomplete,” Kevin Trenberth, a senior climate analyst at the
            nonprofit National Center for Atmospheric Research, said in an e-mail.”

            “I think it’s great to see the scientific community trying to
            understand this,” he said. “Over time, we’ll get a much clearer picture
            of this event.”

            …because you see, it did not say what they wanted – so they will twist it over time until it does.

          • Maybe there are one or two places where they are not sure but the consenous of climate scientiests is this (Wiki):

            “National and international science academies and scientific societies have assessed current scientific opinion on global warming. These assessments are generally consistent with the conclusions of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the IPCC Fourth Assessment Report summarized:

            Warming of the climate system is unequivocal, as evidenced by increases in global average air and ocean temperatures, the widespread melting of snow and ice, and rising global average sea level.[5]

            Most of the global warming since the mid-20th century is very likely due to human activities.[6]

            Benefits and costs of climate change for [human] society will vary widely by location and scale.[7] Some of the effects in temperate and polar regions will be positive and others elsewhere will be negative.[7] Overall, net effects are more likely to be strongly negative with larger or more rapid warming.[7]

            The range of published evidence indicates that the net damage costs of climate change are likely to be significant and to increase over time.[8]

            The resilience of many ecosystems is likely to be exceeded this century by an unprecedented combination of climate change, associated disturbances (e.g.flooding, drought, wildfire, insects, ocean acidification) and other global change drivers (e.g. land-use change, pollution, fragmentation of natural systems, over-exploitation of resources).[9]”

  7. Earlier this week a study came out using underwater robots and it was determined that the ice was 3 to 4 times thicker than estimated. The amount of conflicting reports undermines any credibility the climate change scientists are trying to convey. There are too many variables in climate to determine long term trends. Climate models can never account for all the variables and therefore are useless. Not one climate model has accurately predicted any current temperature trends. While the climate certainly is changing, that is what the climate has been doing consistently for millions of years. To assume that the earth is supposed to have an average temperature is ridiculous.

  8. When the Earth’s core explodes…I think we’ll have the final hypothesis of what is warming the deepest waters.

    Anywho — what is the logic in thinking all these natural wonders are Forever???

  9. The last bunch of gullible idiots who went to observe this phenomenon got stuck in the ice and had to be rescued before they froze to death. What a carbon footprint that fiasco left!

  10. Though not discussed much in the popular media, i think the effect of ice melt on the deep ocean currents is a cause of great concern. The article alludes to it a little when it mentioned the lowering salinity.

  11. Yet another pointless article attempting to provide “evidence” for the CO2 only caused global warming. Obviously as others posted it is logically ridiculous. Its either melting or it is freezing, it cant be both. So if an Everest amount of ice melted, there should not be more than an Everest size freeze and if 40 years ago were the warmest waters on record, then how exactly can it be growing warmer each year for 40 years and today not be the warmest on record(lets just ignore the fact that the “record” is probably also statistical or theory. After all, 40 years ago, the measuring of these numbers around Antarctica was not anywhere near as good as it is today.

    Worse of all though is the continued pseudo science, the measurements are being compared to what computer models predict. Flawed models coded to always prove warming exists. So in the model, the Ice must be melting at X rate per year, starting at some completely guesstimated or theorized size. So when they do a real measurement they find it is thinner than the model predicts the size should be, so their conclusion is it must be melting faster than the model predicted NOT their model’s assumption of the starting ice thickness and rate of melting are flawed.

    Sorry warmists, again more propaganda to support your beliefs instead of real science.

  12. The GOP and their follower’s world view depends on them not believing 97% of climate scientists. Heck, most of them think Earth is only 6000 years old! We are not dealing with logical thinking people here.

    Humans will learn about energy and climate the hard way, as usual. Those of us that understand and respect science just have to shake our heads in wonder.


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