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Street Fighter V embraces PC and PS4, punches Xbox (Video removed)


Street Fighter V is coming, and now it looks like it will be coming exclusively to a couple of systems – leaving one major console completely out of the loop. Microsoft’s Xbox will not see the latest edition of Street Fighter on their console, or ever available on their console apparently, much to the dismay of Xbox fanatics and gaming fanatics universally. Today the teaser trailer was leaked, and the game looks like it will be exclusively for Sony PlayStation 4 and PC gamers. However, the video was quickly removed from the social networking sites due copyright issue.

Capcom hasn’t officially announced the games launch, but many have noted that it would likely be announced at the two-day PlayStation Experience event that is scheduled to start tomorrow, and end the following night in Las Vegas.

Right now there are no details regarding the game or how it will operate but that is likely to change, and change quickly with the short turn around between now and when the game is expected to be announced.

Some though are reserving the possibility that the game will only initially be exclusive to those two consoles, as it could become available on the Xbox One later in 2015, instead of being launched at the same time.

Overall this is another shot at Microsoft and their ability to stay relevant in the gaming community. With exclusive content being a big deal for Sony’s PlayStation 4 it’s unclear whether the company will be doing anything differently to compete more vigorously with Sony after this holiday season being a large-scale success for the company.

Sony has also generated some excitement by introducing a limited edition 20th Anniversary version of the PS4 as PlayStation turns 20 years old. It will be gray and will feature many of the impressive design specs that made the first PlayStation so revolutionary back in the 90’s.


Just 12,300 of these consoles will be produced and sold, making them a truly limited time item – and an item that could eventually become a collector’s piece. For many gamers, this will be a very nice tribute to a company that has come a very long way, and done very well leading the way in the gaming community.

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