Sony will be releasing a special edition and simultaneously limited edition of the PlayStation 4 which will play off the original concept and colors of the Sony PlayStation. While Sony isn’t going into great detail regarding what the special edition PlayStation 4 will look like, they are noting some of the specifications that the device will bring to the table.

Just 12,300 of the devices will be made and released to the public, and it will feature a 500GB hard drive, a grey controller, and camera as well.

The bundle will even come with cables that match ensuring that the colors will be exactly what was featured on the original PlayStation. Sony will even be including the original four-colored emblem that made the Sony PlayStation so famous to begin with in 1994. While you won’t’ be able to load any of the original titles from PlayStation on the console – there will be plenty of retro titles available for download, and it wouldn’t be shocking if the company released a greater number classic titles to accommodate.

Pricing is expected to be $499 and preorders will begin on December 6th. The console will also come with a special edition box that will combine the look of the classic PlayStation with the PlayStation 2. In other Sony related news Street, Fighter 5 had its trailer leaked, and it showed the newest game in the fighting franchise only being available on PS4 and PC in terms of consoles – which was surprising to some.

Street Fighter V embraces PC and PS4, punches Xbox (Video removed)

However, many have argued that it would eventually find its way to Xbox One but that it would just take longer given the fact that sometimes the release happens later in the year. Right now, it’s unclear when the game will launch on PS4 and PC, but many are speculating that it will be in the coming days when the company has a conference in Vegas, which starts tomorrow, and ends the following day.

All in all, this will be release that will definitely be worth grabbing if you’re an avid collector of gaming consoles, or even just an enthusiast of Sony.