Albert Einstein’s documented and storied history is now searchable through a database. More than 5,000 documents were made available online in a database and can be searched through with just the click of a mouse. They will be available officially on Friday – but excerpts have been leaked from some of his letters to his wife. Everything ranging from letters, to diaries, to scientific reports and papers, are amongst the collection of documents that are being made public.

The papers were collected from the Princeton University Press, and even document his voyage to the Far East – the year after he won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1921. “We want to make everything accessible to a much wider audience than just the scholars, historians, physicists and philosophers,” said Diana Kormos-Buchwald – who is the director of the Einstein Papers Project. She went on to note that “it’s been a challenge to get all the material online,” but expressed that she was “extremely thrilled” that they were successful in getting this project done.

The letters actually do a lot to show the transformation that occurred with Einstein. While he was not brilliant growing up, it shows the period at which he seemed to develop the most and exploded into the intellectual that would become one of the most influential human beings in the history of Earth. In 1900 Einstein graduated in Zurich with average results. He held a relatively mundane job through two years and was classified as productive, but the next ten years would be some of the most interesting of his life.

He would have children, marry – have an affair, and divorce – all the while becoming the most influential and knowledgeable man known to humankind at the time. The breakthroughs he eventually made were amongst the most unique anyone had ever learned. That’s why this database is so special. It’s something that will give future learners and students access to some of the most interesting information that is available on this Earth.

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Albert Einstein though, for all that he accomplished, in many ways was just an ordinary guy. As for the struggles he faced? They were pretty ordinary, too. That’s what’s so great about this database of documents. Here are five things that prove he was just like anyone else – struggling with the same battles everyone else faces from time-to-time.

  1. He didn’t get the job he always wanted. He was actually passed on to be vetted as a professor at a university. That was when he started working at the Swiss Patent Office in 1902. As it turns out, Einstein’s behavior and laziness in school translated to the very people that would have hired him not having the confidence in him to do that, and teaching was his dream job.
  2. He referenced how much enjoyment he got out of relaxing, hanging out in beer halls, debating and arguing – and being quite normal in that regard.
  3. Einstein had struggles in his personal life when it came to relationships. He was married, cheated on his wife, divorced, and married his mistress in 1919.
  4. His letters to his kids were some of the most interesting. One of his sons was diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 20 – and his other son actually took over the finances of the family and carried out financial tasks for Albert in his absence.
  5. Maybe the most ironic piece of information that can be found in his written letters was the fact that he detailed his trip to the Far East – skipping the most iconic moment of his life – the Nobel Prize ceremony.