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Apple iPhone 7, 6S rumors: What’s coming in 2015?


Apple has always had their share of rumors and speculation in anticipation of their devices. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, desktop computer or a laptop – they have a dedicated following that really pays attention to the details, and understands how the company works. Understanding how Apple works is really an important factor when it comes to determining what the next device will look like.

The company typically has two kinds of years. First, they have their “Major Release Years” where flagship devices are first introduced – think iPhone 4, 5, and now 6. Between those years are “Update Release Years,” where we have seen devices like the iPhone 4S, 5c, and 5S.

That being said though, with all of the action that will be coming from the Android arena in 2015 it will be important for Apple to produce a smartphone that can compete with the best of them, in order to keep their place in the market – while other smartphone producers like Samsung, HTC, and LG usually try to ‘Wow’ their customers by introducing a major device upgrade each year.

Right now there is some discrepancy over what the next device will be, what it will look like, and how it will behave. However, there are a few things that we know for certain that we can expand on – just in applying the operational pattern that the company typically applies when it comes to producing their smartphones.


The iPhone 7 will likely not be called the iPhone 7 at all – but rather be called the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. A specific release date hasn’t been announced yet, but it would be likely that the device would release sometime in the second half of 2015. That would hold up well with Apple’s typical operating plan that usually puts iPhone releases in the August-October window. Aside from offering two updates to the current models – which would fit well with the current model Apple uses – the company might also be introducing a 4-inch version of the iPhone in 2015.

While some have speculated that this would be something that Apple would wait for until the iPhone 7 launch – which would likely happen the following year in 2016 – it’s definitely interesting speculation as the “Phablet” movement continues to pick up momentum. That being said, a lot of speculation suggests that the next round of iPhones would bring hardware upgrades to them. After the failure that was the iPhone 5c, which had many of the same hardware specs as the iPhone 5 – it could be assumed that Apple has learned their lesson and wouldn’t do something like that again.

It’s also believed that the next round of iPhone’s would further improve phone behavior between varying sizes of screens on their devices. Whether the user is on a small 4-inch iPhone 6S – if Apple goes that route – or if the user is operating the larger 6S Plus model – Apple would likely bring improvements to iOS 9 that would release with the devices, and make the overall experience better in that regard.

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Camera improvements – though widely varying – is another area where speculation is rampant. It’s unclear how big of an improvement to the camera specifications users might see at this point, but an improvement to the specifications of the camera are most likely coming since competing brands like LG, Samsung, and Sony are making it a point to ensure the biggest, and best cameras are being used on their smartphones.

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Apple has a tall order in front of them if they want to impress their users who finally got a larger screen – after asking for one for years before the iPhone 6. What the company does with the iPhone 6S – or iPhone 7 – depending on what it’s called will be very telling about how Apple is going to do moving forward in the smartphone space.

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