Facebook is bringing changes to search, and improving the way graph search is executed on mobile. Users will soon be able to search by keyword through posts and updates on Facebook. This update will finally revolutionize and change the way people search on the social network. The changes though will finally be what many consider a “serious move” to step into the search space.

While Facebook doesn’t have any plans to directly compete with Google in a realistic sense, since they largely can’t generate the same type of results – for things like trending topics – Facebook believes that they will compete very well. For example, searching a trending topic, and being able to see what words are frequently being used in posts – specifically for trending news events – will be something that the company can definitely take advantage of.

Right now, it doesn’t appear as though Facebook will be using any ads or implementing any ads on the search results – as they pertain to keyword searches. However, that could change since there is obviously a lot of money to be made with this type of advertising – should Facebook want to go that way after the search fully-launches, and the bugs are worked out.


Ultimately, the major benefit of this is that people will finally be able to search through the really old content that is mostly gone, or forgotten. The search option will open up and in some ways “unlock” the content that is on Facebook. New security concerns though have been raised, as they so often are with regards to Facebook, but it would appear as though the new search method will not be impacting any user’s individual privacy. The only information that will be available through search is content that the individual has shared, or has been shared with that person previously. Theoretically, anytime privacy options are change by one user – the information that others can search about them would change.


Eventually, though, Facebook is definitely making this a competition with Google. They consider the posts they have on their social network to be valuable pieces of information, which Google can’t deliver to those who use their search engine. According to Rousseau Kazi – a product manager at Facebook pointed out in an interview that “Every post is more or less an answer to a question you didn’t know was being asked.”