iPod’s have come a very long way over the years, and while many in the tech industry have considered them obsolete after the birth of the modern smartphone – the iPod Classic – which is nearly 3 years old is having a renaissance of the sorts. In 2008, Apple’s iPod Classic – which retailed for $249 with 160GB of storage was a classic, but losing its space in the tech world. Then, along came the iPod Touch – which changed the way people dealt with media devices like an iPod. Over the course of the last several years – sales continued to decline, and in October – Apple discontinued the product citing the lack parts to continue production.

Now, that very same iPod Classic – with pinwheel and all is selling for $1,000. They’ve become the “go-to” item for Christmas – for a lot of Apple enthusiasts – as well as the purists who want a well-built product for their music listening. That being said, it’s really hard to argue with the structure of the iPod Classic – since they were notorious for being as durable, and long-lasting as any product in the tech space was then – or is today.

Many predicted previously that the price would spike – especially after the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, noted that it wasn’t very likely that Apple would ever revisit or recreate the classic iPod simply due to that lack of parts to make it.

And if you’re looking for a version of the device that is either sealed or unused the asking prices are significantly higher. Though some of the prices are unreasonable – the first generation iPod was recently sold on eBay for $20,000. It was a factory sealed, and was kept very well.

Although it could be questioned whether the product would function as well as one might imagine due to the fact that the battery hasn’t been used in a device in over a decade now.

Even a special edition U2 iPod is selling for an exorbitant amount of money. The device which was original sold in 2004, and featured the band member’s autographs on the back of the device is selling for $90,000. Ironic now, seeing how unhappy many users were after Apple force fed U2 music onto their user’s devices.

Ultimately, this is a nice reminder that even though technology quickly becomes obsolete now – some of the best pieces of technology will be around for years to come, and even more popular after they’re discontinued.